Types of Ghee and their Health Benefits

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December 14, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Types of Ghee and their Health Benefits

Let’s start with collectively agreeing to the fact that Desi Cow Ghee is an essential part of Indian cuisine and culture. It has been used in India for centuries and has become firmly entrenched in the diets of many Indian communities. Not just that, Ghee has been used for religious ceremonies, cooking, and even medicinal purposes. It is considered to be one of the most nutritious and healthy fats available. As such, ghee is used in a variety of dishes, from curries to desserts.

Apart from the many health benefits of Ghee, it is considered a sacred food in Hinduism and offers a rich flavour and aroma to any meal. Being a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and good health, its importance in Indian culture cannot be overstated.

Desi Cow Ghee

As quoted by a renowned Ayurvedic Physician, “Ghee is the elixir of life, the key to health and longevity.” – Dr Vasant Lad

In this blog, you will become acquainted with all the different types of Ghee available for you to choose from, and a sneak peek into the best Ghee brands in India.

What are the different types of Ghee available in India?

Now, as we all know, Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine. It is made by melting butter and allowing it to simmer until the milk solids separate and settle at the bottom, then straining it to remove any remaining solids. There are a variety of ghee available, including raw, organic, a2 and natural cow ghee. Each type has its own unique flavour and nutritional benefits. There are a few factors, very significant ones, like the ingredients used and the preparation method, that make them different from one another. So let’s look at our Range of Pure & Desi Cow Ghee:

1. A2 Gir Cow Ghee:  First, we have this A2 Ghee, now for those who might be hearing this for the first time, A2 Ghee is ghee made from the A2 milk of Pure Bred Desi cows.

You might be wondering what A2 milk is!

A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Well, A2 milk only comes from Desi Indian Bred Cows that produce the A2 type of beta-casein protein and not the A1 type. It contains all of regular milk's essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals, but with added nutrition and benefits. The A2 protein in this milk is a form of casein protein, while it is similar to the A1 protein found in regular milk, A2 protein is believed to be easily digested and better tolerated by individuals with milk sensitivities.

This A2 Gir Cow Ghee is made from the A2 milk of Gir cows, which are known for their high-quality milk production, ability to survive harsh environments, and heat tolerance. Gir cows are mainly found in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. They have a large hump known as Suryaketu Naadi which is well known for its quality to absorb Vitamin D from Sun rays and release it into the milk.

2. A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee: This Ghee is made from the nutritious A2 milk of Gir Cows, ingredients are the same as A2 Gir Cow Ghee, but the preparation method is different. As the name itself suggests, Bilona Ghee.

Bilona Handchurning is an ancient Indian method of making butter from curdled milk. This traditional method involves churning the curd with a wooden churner called a ‘bilona’ for about an hour. This churning process results in a creamy, fresh butter that is free from preservatives and other chemicals. This traditional method is still used in rural areas and villages in India to make pure and authentic quality Desi Ghee.

This gives it a richer, more intense flavour and aroma, as well as a higher nutritional value. Additionally, Bilona ghee is lactose-free, high in Omega 3s, and has a high smoke point, making it ideal for cooking.

A2 Badri Cow Ghee

3. A2 Badri Cow Ghee: Badri cow is an Indian breed of cows found in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. It is mainly found in the high-altitude areas of the Himalayas, between 2,500 and 4,500 metres above sea level. These cows are known for their robustness and adaptability to harsh conditions. Above all, these cows are grazed freely on our mineral-rich organic farms and grasslands. They are fed, loved and cared for by our farmers. All this in turn affects positively on the cows' overall health and makes them happy. Resulting in them producing the highest quality A2 milk, which makes this Ghee special and nutritious.

A2 Badri Cow Ghee

A2 Badri Cow Ghee is a very nutritious food. It contains high levels of vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. It is also a great source of healthy saturated fats and antioxidants. Additionally, it has a high smoke point, which makes it ideal for cooking and baking.

4. Organic Cow Bilona Ghee: Yet another superfood, the significance of organic Ghee is that it is organically made. This basically means that it is produced without the use of any preservatives or additives. The milk used to make this Ghee is procured from Desi Cows that are grass fed on mineral-rich Organic Farms and not injected with hormones for excessive milk production. Made using only natural and traditional bilona methods and is also free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours.

Cows in Field

Organic Cow Bilona Ghee is obtained by turning the milk into curd in earthen pots. Then traditionally hand-churning the curd and then cooking it slowly on a woodfire to simmer the butterfat. The butterfat is then skimmed off and allowed to cool so it solidifies, leaving behind the golden elixir known as Desi Ghee.

Ghee Making

We sincerely believe that this blog is helping you clear out your confusion and answer each query about Ghee and its types. If so, we are sure you would love to give this a read too: 7 Reasons you shouldn't avoid Ghee this Winter Season.

Is Ghee really Good for Health?

Without any doubt, Yes! But just like any other food product, it should be consumed in moderation. Eating a spoonful of ghee daily can provide several health benefits. Additionally, ghee is a rich source of fatty acids, which can help protect your heart health. However, it is important to note that ghee is high in calories and saturated fat, so eating it in large amounts can lead to weight gain. Therefore, it is best to enjoy it in moderation.

Here are five major health benefits of consuming Desi Cow Ghee:

  • Supports Digestive Health: Desi cow ghee is rich in butyric acid which helps keep the digestive system healthy. It increases the production of mucus in the stomach, thus reducing the chances of acidity, flatulence and constipation.

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health: Desi cow ghee is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart. They reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

  • Strengthens the Immune System: Desi cow ghee is rich in antioxidants which help strengthen the immune system and fight against diseases.

  • Promotes Healthy Skin: Desi cow ghee is a natural moisturizer and helps keep the skin soft and hydrated. It also helps reduce wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of ageing.

  • Enhances Brain Function: Desi cow ghee is rich in essential fatty acids which help improve cognitive function and memory.

What are some most common uses of Ghee?

Desi Cow Ghee is an important part of our daily life. It is a traditional form of clarified butter that is used in many Indian dishes. It is a great addition to any diet and can help us stay healthy and strong. Listed below are some of the most prominent uses of Ghee that we can benefit from in our daily lives:

  • Use it as a spread on toast or other pieces of bread.

  • As a healthy substitute for butter or oil when cooking.

  • Fry vegetables, and other foods using Ghee.

  • Use it to make curries, sauces, and other Indian dishes.

  • As a topping on oatmeal, porridge, and other hot cereals.

  • Make homemade ghee popcorn.

  • Add Ghee to soups and stews for flavour.

  • Use Ghee to make herbal teas and ayurvedic remedies.

  • Use it as a moisturizing face mask.

  • Use Ghee to massage the scalp and hair.

How to choose the best Ghee for you?

In today's times, there are numerous options out there in the market. But for you to be sure of the kind of quality you should be looking for is natural. Make sure you look for a genuine and authentic natural foods brand just like Himalayan Natives. It’s simple, look for a brand that values nature and the gifts it has to offer and practises ethical sourcing of its resources for the better health of everyone. We at Himalayan Natives ensure:

  • Our Desi Ghee is made from the nutritious A2 milk of Desi Bred Cows of Indian origin.

  • We keep our animals' cruelty free, handle them with utmost love & care and have them grazing freely and happily on our farms.

  • Made traditionally and naturally with the Ancient Bilona method and slow-cooked.

  • Has perfect granular texture, rich taste and flavourful aroma.

  • Our food products are FSSAI Approved.

If eating healthy, making healthy food choices and habits, and staying fit are your goals, Himalayan Natives is a one-stop shop for all the natural goodness and nutrition you need to achieve them.

We hope you enjoyed this amazing Ghee ride with us, hop on to our Instagram and follow us to become Healthy with Himalayan Natives.

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