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Himalayan  Natives

Birthed under the umbrella of the renowned Khanal Foods, Himalayan Natives is a home-grown food brand catering to urban health & lifestyle. Branched from the similar lines of the soulful Himalayan connect as its parent brand, the brand is involved in producing 100% vegetarian, natural, and organic produce using the most ethical means. The tranquil nature, the crystal clear rivers, and the impossibly fertile soil, all come together to establish Himalayan Natives as the paragon of purity.

about - himalayan natives

The brand practices complete transparency and uses the local farmers and mountain natives to stay current on the knowledge and proper sourcing of their seeds, grains, varied ghee, and pulses. With a vision to provide 100% natural, unadulterated, and minimally processed food products, the brand ensures that all right information such as ingredients is mentioned on the emotive and thoughtful packaging. What makes the brand stand out is its constant obsession with minimal processing. As opposed to the norms, the brand avoids extensive clarification and delivers products intact with their nutritive quotient, while not compromising its thoughtful packaging standards.

On the community and environment front, the brand ensures that channel partners are compensated fairly for their contributions. As a matter of great pride, it is a known fact that all our stakeholders mean more to us than being mere suppliers or consumers. They are a part of the big Himalayan Natives family, a family that ranges from the starting blocks of our farmers and goes up to you, its end users. Aware of current business practices, we use sustainable methods of farming and practice impartiality towards our citizens and soil, being conscious of not leaving our carbon footprint on Mother Nature.

As a brand that thinks differently, we want to be the spearheader of change within our community. It is an innate mission to make people believe that having a healthier lifestyle is not hard to maintain, and by no means does the quality of their nutritious food has to come at the expense of taste. We work hard to provide them with the energy they need to take on the day. At the same time, we make sure that they enjoy the journey they have embarked on while unlearning years of industrial damage that contaminated and tampered food has caused.

Our Founders
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Bhupendra Khanal & Sneh Sharma - Founder of Himalayan Natives Bhupendra Khanal & Sneh Sharma

The brand was ideated when two highly educated and passionate individuals partnered together in business, life, and beyond to bring forth such products in the Indian landscape. Being lovers of animals, mountains, and the amazing Nepali & North-East cuisine, our founders, Bhupendra and Sneh have personally catered to every brick that was laid towards building the psychology, structure, and offerings of Himalayan Natives.

Our Products Are
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100% natural food products - Icon

100% Natural

free of gmos & pesticides - Icon

Free of GMOs & Pesticides

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Ethically Sourced

natural farms of himalayan natives
himalayan cows - himalayan natives

The tranquil nature,
the crystal clear rivers, and
the impossibly fertile soil,

all come together to inspire Himalayan Natives to be a paragon of purity. This inspiration has led us to amplify the importance of food that is all natural, free of chemical processes and purely delicious.

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