7 Reasons you shouldn't avoid Ghee this Winter Season

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November 23, 2022 | wellness

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benefits of ghee in winter

Yay! It’s Winter season again, one of the most favourites and enjoyed seasons of the year. Somehow, everything tastes so much more flavourful and better. When you come to think of it, the warmth and flavour of food are all that give us the inevitable cravings. But do you know what is better than just having delicious warm meals? Delicious warm meals with ghee in winter, that not only adds flavour but also help your body generate heat and keep you comfy & warm from the inside.

Let’s have a flashback of our childhood memories when we used to crave our favourite warm dishes like Gajar ka Halwa, Pulao, Dal Tadka, Khichdi, Vegetable curries, Parathas and more. Remember our grandmother and mother pouring dollops of ghee on our delicious foods and how it magically enhanced the taste and flavour? Not only that, coconut oil and ghee benefit our bodies by providing us immunity that we hardly appreciated in our younger days, but it’s time to relive those happy healthy memories with these natural foods from one of the finest Ghee brands in India.

desi ghee

It is very well said by Edith Sitwell, "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire; It is the time for home.”

We leave everything else to you, you leave your good and healthy food worries to us. In this blog, we have given you 7 such undeniable Ghee benefits that you just should not miss out on this winter.

Reasons to eat Desi Cow Ghee in Winter

Winter is here and this is the perfect time to make some diet changes. Get ready to swap your refined oil with Desi Cow Ghee and Coconut Oil. Add the desi tadka of “Shudhh Makkhan” to your meals and make them more flavourful and nutritious.

Desi Cow Ghee

Here are some incredible benefits of Ghee in Winter:

  1. Provides Energy: During winter, we frequently experience a lack of energy and Desi Cow Ghee is an essential solution for instant energy. Consuming milk with ghee boosts our stamina and gives us the energy and power we need to execute physically demanding tasks. It contains short- and medium-chain fatty acids to increase your energy levels. And has Lauric acid, a strong antibacterial and antifungal agent which provides stronger immunity.

  2. Keeps your Body Warm: It’s widely known that Ayurveda advocates only natural foods. It is proven that desi ghee nutrition includes healthy fats and fatty acids to warm oneself up throughout the cold. With ghee, your body naturally heats up and with just sprinkling a teaspoon on boiled rice, roti, dosas and so on you can find your winter companion. 

  1. Nourishes Dry Skin & Lips: Consuming desi ghee for skin on a daily basis is always beneficial irrespective of the season. It softens and smoothes your skin. Use desi ghee as a moisturiser on your skin and be amazed at the natural brightness it provides. It hydrates and moisturises your skin cells. Put a drop of ghee on your fingers and gently massage them together until your lips are totally moistened. Leave it overnight and your lips will be supple and tender the next morning.

  2. Relieves Cold & Cough: Fever, cold and cough are common symptoms during this time of the year. If you are someone who can't withstand the shivering cold, desi ghee can come to your rescue. Ayurveda recommends Nyasa, a natural remedy that involves putting a few drops of warm, pure desi ghee in your nostrils. Just make sure you are using desi ghee and that it’s lukewarm.

  1. Helps Manage Weight: Winter is that season which is known for gaining weight. If we are not mindful of the amounts of calories and fats we are consuming, there are high chances of experiencing significant weight gain in 2-3 months.

Here’s the best Cow Ghee in India, which has essential amino acids that aids in reducing belly fat. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are both useful for weight loss. Consuming ghee regularly keeps you energetic and helps your tummy feel full, this restricts you from overeating, eventually resulting in consuming limited calories and a healthy gut.

  1. A Remedy for Constipation: Our grandparents and elders always used to give us ghee, they had legit reasons for it. As kids, in winters, we used to crave fried foods, but we still do, it’s just non-resistible. But when we eat enough of these low-fibre foods, the water content of the stool drops which leads to improper stool consistency. To efficiently manage this, start by having one spoon of ghee every night or in the morning to boost your metabolism and improve digestive health.

  2. Lubricates Joints and Strengthens Bones: The winter season is a tough time for people with joint pain. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of ghee help reduce joint inflammation. Regular and moderate consumption of ghee with milk might also result in strong bones.

Where can I get Desi Cow Ghee in India?

We knew you would ask that, hop on to this blog to get an insightful view on The Path For Choosing The Best Cow Ghee In India. But to make it short and simple for you, find that one pure ghee brand that has perfected the art of making mouth-watering, aromatic, flavourful and traditional Desi Ghee. Buy Ghee online which is made from pure milk of native indigenous cows that produces the best quality natural Desi Cow Ghee. Look out for traditional ghee-making methods like the Ancient Bilona hand-churned and slow-cooked.

Make sure the ghee or milk is kept unadulterated and that the cows are kept cruelty free and not injected with antibiotics to increase their milk production. You can be sure about this by checking the brand's website, and social media profiles where you can find info about their sourcing, production and packaging process. Authentic and genuine brands want their customers to know how naturally they source and produce their products, so keeping an eye on that might actually help.

A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

We at Himalayan Natives, aim on providing our customers with the most natural and healthy food products to help them stick to a healthier diet. Our Pure Bred Desi Cows happily graze in our Organic farms that help them produce A2 quality nutritious milk. This milk is then traditionally turned into curd and then slow-cooked in natural Himalayan kitchens. It is then hygienically packed in our Eco-friendly factory and delivered fresh right to your doorstep.

How much Ghee to have in Winter?

You might be wondering how much and how to use ghee. It is advised by health nutritionists that Ghee should be only used as a flavour-enhancing ingredient. For optimum results and the right calorie intake, add only that much ghee so that it doesn’t mask the taste of your recipes and dishes. If this is confusing, just start with having 2 spoons of Ghee daily, you should have it once in the morning and accordingly add it to your meals and recipes for the rest of the day.


Himalayan Natives Pure A2 Cow Ghee

Cold weather is a pleasant change in our country that experiences hot and diverse temperatures most of the year. Even in Ayurvedic medicine, Desi Cow Ghee and Coconut Oil are considered to be warming and grounding, making them the finest food for the winter. It has so many health advantages that you can thoroughly enjoy the chilly winters without worrying about the winter woes.

So, what are you waiting for? Winter has arrived, so gear up yourself with the natural warmth and goodness of these 100% Natural Foods, that will not only help you fight the winter chills but also keep you overall healthy.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, and that you are stocking up your healthy cart with our Range of Desi Ghee. Also do not forget to go through our Instagram post for quick healthy eating and natural food tips.

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