Top Natural Foods To Provide Instant Energy Before Workout

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September 12, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Top Natural Foods To Provide Instant Energy Before Workout

What is the relevance of pre-workout meals? 

Many people don’t like to eat before working out, especially if they exercise early in the morning but they often feel sluggish and weak because their body doesn't have enough fuel to sustain those heavy lifts and cardio! Optimal nutrient intake prior to exercise not only helps in maximizing workout performance, but also minimizes muscle damage. 

Pre-workout Meals are useful for people who are interested in fitness and athletics since they are constantly seeking strategies to maintain their energy levels while exercising with high energy foods.These meals include food with low carb and high amount of good fats, in order to provide instant energy during your workout.  

Though in recent times, people's dependency for instant energy before workouts relies upon artificial energy boosters, which in the long run cause a lot of harm and side effects to the body. So, the best way to perform better at the gym without worrying about side effects is with natural pre-workout meals.This is where some of our natural foods come into play.

According to the Stats, India's Pre-workout supplements market crosses above US $ 2.8bn in 2022, which can make you guess how many people may get affected by the vicious cycle, so it's better to use natural foods to provide instant energy before workouts.

Benefits Of Including Natural Foods To Your Pre-Workout Meals

1.Increased Energy

Accessing the energy you would like to hit for a good workout session might be hard, and even tougher if you’re doing it after a poor night’s sleep, or a protracted day at work. Hence, having  natural pre-workout meals will provide you with both a short-term boost of energy during workouts, and a sustained increase in energy levels that helps you push further and maintain performance throughout the fitness journey.

2.Greater Athletic Performance

Your body needs certain vitamins and nutrients in the form of a healthy meal to support exercise and boost energy levels. Pre-workout meals deliver more of those nutrients, so you can train harder and for extended periods.Common ingredients in pre-workouts, like B vitamins, caffeine, raw honey, flax seeds, dry fruits, nuts and branched-chain amino acids, which support a lot of athletic functions, forms increased blood flow to enhanced power and strength performance.

3.Focus and Mental Clarity

The physical side of figuring out strength is simply one part. It also demands intense focus and mental clarity. If you’re not there mentally, it is often hard to get through an intense workout. It’s only too easy to psych yourself out and quit early.

Mental clarity is additionally important to assist you maintain correct form. Once you get tired, your form begins to lag, which is where injuries and suboptimal gains happen. Pre-workout meals helps in maintaining strength during workout, to avoid these disasters.

4.Faster Recovery

Pre-workout supplements also help speed up recovery time, supporting the method of protein synthesis, within which the body produces new proteins and rebuilds muscle tissue. Recovery is where gains happen. The quicker you fully pass though your workout, the quicker you'll access the advantages of figuring it out, like increased strength or lean.

Indulging in these natural ingredients in your pre-workout like different types of Dryfruits & Nuts, Healthy Seeds & Natural Sweeteners can check all of the above points and can provide you with a good and healthy workout.

Ingredients By Himalayan Natives To Be Used In Pre-Workout Meals:

1.Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey

Being one of healthiest pre-workout options in comparison to sugar water or sports gels, multifloral raw honey is best to consume 30 minutes before workouts. This honey contains bee pollen and bee propolis which have nutritive value. Mixing 2 tbsp of honey with carbs like oatmeals, smoothies, granola bars and a few fruits to create a great pre-workout meal to give you instant energy.

Multifloral Raw Honey

2.Himalayan Natives Cashew & Almonds

 Cashew and Almonds being rich in potassium and Omega3 are a great source of energy. It helps in lifting weights and muscle cell growth which makes your workout better. And also an interesting fact about cashew is that it contains 50% good fats, which helps in losing weight! You can use a handful of these natural nuts to make your pre workout in making peanut butter, Granola and homemade protein bars and you can add to your Greek yogurt, to boost up your intense workouts.


3.Himalayan Natives Roasted Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have a lot of potential health benefits which is to ease constipation or lower cholesterol levels. They can be used in 2-3 tbsps in various pre-workout foods including protein shakes, smoothies and yogurts.

Roasted Flax Seeds


Q1. How can I get instant energy before working out?

Some points to improve your instant energy:

  • Eat something healthy & nutritious two to three hours before.
  • Have a quick snack before working out like nuts/seeds and hydrate well throughout the day.
  • You can also consume caffeinated beverages.10 mins before the workout for that extra kick
  • Finally grab a quick nap.

Q2. What gives your muscles energy naturally?

Diet and nuts are good sources of protein and fatty acids that will help you produce more ATP (which provides energy to muscle for growth) . While overeating can provide your body with extra ATP-making materials, it also raises your chance of weight gain, which can reduce energy levels.

Q3. How do you overcome lack of energy when exercising?

Choose times of the day or week to exercise when you feel energized. Convince yourself that engaging in physical exercise will boost your energy level if you give it a chance, and then give it a go.

So, it's obvious that choosing natural foods over other artificial pre-workout supplements is a far superior decision in many ways.

Pro Tip: To get significant, long-lasting results at the gym, choose the right energy source using natural foods and beverages. Stay tuned for some exciting and delicious info coming right your way!

For further information and better understanding please visit: A2 Desi Ghee - Benefits and Nutritional Facts.

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