Multifloral Raw Honey


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It contains bee pollen and bee propolis which have high nutritive value. The look and the taste of raw honey can vary from batch to batch, as the season, and the flowers from which nectar is collected by the bees can vary. The crystallized texture of raw honey goes extremely well with tea, toasts, and desserts. If you prefer pure honey to be more fluid, place the jar in warm water for some time and enjoy the liquid honey.


  • Helps in Weight Loss: Raw Honey is known to help suppress appetite and cravings, thus, making it an effective weight loss agent.

  • Boosts Immunity: Pure honey is a natural immunity booster. It contains powerful antioxidants and has antibacterial properties that help prevent cell damage, keep you healthy, and fight disease.

  • Helps in Digestion: Unpasteurized, raw honey contains several enzymes that aid digestion, especially of carbohydrates and sugars, thus helping take some strain off the gastrointestinal system.

  • Relieves Cough: Due to its various antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, pure honey is an effective remedy for cough, and its viscous nature has a soothing effect on the throat.