A Healthy Diet Plan: 5 Superfoods you must try for glowing skin

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August 19, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Healthy diet plan

We’ll start this blog with a quick question. Ready? Here you go. What gives skin its glow? Is it the pricey skincare products or the DIY kits? The majority of you may say, "We tried them, but they didn't work as intended." Exactly, it is this issue that we would like to address through this blog. A healthy skin is the reflection of what you consume. It's healing from within that matters the most. A healthy diet plan is all that you need to get started. 

A nutrient-dense diet is in fact the food for healthy skin, however eating greasy and fatty foods might cause your skin to break out. 

Adding our top 5 superfoods to your diet will help you achieve radiant and acne-free skin naturally. You must definitely try dry fruits and hard nuts, a few healthy seeds and pulses that we are going to cover in this article. These superfoods are in fact high in protein and have several health advantages. Check these out!


Almonds are not true nuts, rather they are a type of dry fruit. They are seeds in hard fruit covering. Almond trees date back to 3000 Bc to 2000 BC and were found in Jordan. They are popular and most loved because they are very rich in protein, Vitamin E, calcium, Zinc and fibre. For a serving of 100g of Natural Almonds you get 578 Calories. That is, it contains 74% fat, 14% protein and 13% carbs. Almonds are linked to some amazing health benefits. It's very effective to control cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes, regulate blood sugar and also improve brain power. 


Why are Almonds good for skin?

  • Consuming Almonds help to provide pimple free and soft skin.
  • They contain Linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) that helps in preventing skin dryness.
  • Almond oil is a very useful natural makeup remover. It helps reduce rashes, burns or inflammation caused by chemical based makeup removers. 
  • The antioxidant vitamin E, which is abundant in almonds, may help shield cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, which are brought on by pollution, UV radiation from the sun and other external and internal factors.

Ideal Daily Intake: It is advised to consume 15-20 almond nuts. This has 6 grams of protein and 165 calories. 


Cashews, also called as Kaju in India, is a protein rich kidney-shaped seed. Whether it is traditional Indian desserts, creamy gravies, or even for garnishing a variety of dishes, Kaju has its own fan base. Dry fruits and nuts like Almonds and Cashews are a must add to your diet plan. They provide healthy and shiny hair, lower the chance of cancer, aid in migraine relief, and offers many other wonderful health advantages. 


Take a look at their benefits for skin. 

  • Cashews contain zinc, which supports immune function for healing and cell growth. This will help repair and refill infected or damaged acne zones.
  • Due to its high vitamin C and copper content, it aids in maintaining the radiance and supple flexibility of the skin. 
  • Applying a cashew facepack will aid in wrinkle reduction and promote the growth of new skin cells. 

Always be sure to use premium cashews for the finest results. With fake and adulterated cashews on the market. When buying, be extra cautious at all times. 

Ideal Daily Intake: You can stick to around 18 nuts (1 ounce), which will be perfect. That contains 5.1 grams of protein. 

Flax Seeds 

Despite being grown for centuries, flax seeds are becoming more and more popular today. It's because people have switched to a healthier lifestyle making healthy eating a priority. 

Flax seeds is a plant based food, which is a mixture of fibre, antioxidants, making it a go- to food for boosting health. 100 grams of flaxseeds have 534 calories, of which 42% come from fat, 29% from carbohydrates, and 18% from protein.

Flax Seeds

Let’s quickly dive into why Flax seeds are good for healthier skin:

  • As they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, flax seeds prevent the skin from getting dry.
  • Roasted Flax Seeds are a great source of protein which aids in nourishing every cell of the body, including skin. 
  • Lignans and antioxidants present in them helps reduce lines and wrinkles also the fatty acids in them keeps skin smooth and moisturised.
  • Flax seeds help prevent rashes. 

Other possible health benefits of Flax seeds are; They prevent constipation, improve cholesterol and heart health, and may reduce the risk of cancer. No doubt it is a superfood for better health too. You might ask, 

How to add flax seeds to your diet?

You can try adding ground flaxseed to;Sandwiches and salads, Yoghourts, Smoothies, Breakfast cereals and many more. These are indeed tiny powerhouses which help you grow strong. 

Ideal Daily Intake: It is better to keep your daily flaxseed intake to not more than 4-5 tablespoons (28–35 grammes) 

Pumpkin seeds

The history pumpkin seeds have is spectacular. In Fact it is a very common ingredient you will find in Mexican cuisine. These natural pumpkin seeds are a great source of nutrients, proteins, unsaturated fats and fibre. They can be roasted, salted, or even eaten raw. You can even eat them straight from the pumpkin once they have been removed. Even their shells contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients. 

For a serving of 100 grams of dried pumpkin and squash seed kernels, they contain 541 calories. Which includes 12% carbohydrates, 17% protein, and 71% fat make up the calories.

They have some fantastic health benefits. To mention a few, they help improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes, and may help in giving better health. These healthy seeds (Pumpkin and flax) though small in size are powerhouse of nutrients. 

Pumpkin seeds

Are Pumpkin seeds good for skin? 

Why not, here’s why you should try them.

  • Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc content. They help in protecting cell membranes, collagen and promote skin renewal. 
  • The essential fatty acids, that is omegas 3, 6, and 9, are present in pumpkin seeds and are extremely beneficial for healthy skin. 

Few great ways to include Pumpkin seeds in your diet:

  • Bake them into bread and cookies.
  • They can be included in smoothies.
  • Use them to give a salad more crunch.
  • Add a garnish to any dish, such as pasta, chicken, or soup.
  • For a nutritious snack, toast or roast them with any spice or seasoning.   

Ideal Daily Intake: It's healthy and best to add a quarter cup (30 grams) to your daily diet. You can also mix this and flax seeds together and consume.

Moong Dal

You could have been thinking all along, where are our favourite Dals. We heard you! Talking about our last superfood on the list, Moong Dal definitely is a great choice. It is a staple food of India. Being round, small and green in appearance, they come in different types. We have majorly three types.  Saboot Moong ( Whole Moong), Moong Chilka commonly called (Split Moong dal) and Moong wash. 

About 6 grams of protein can be found in 100grams of cooked moong dal. Additionally, it has small amounts of the vitamins E, C, and K. It is exceedingly light and simple to digest. 

Moong Dal

 Moong dal aids in controlling blood sugar levels, it's very good for the heart, aids in weight loss, and also improves digestion. We humbly suggest, make sure to only buy Himalayan Natives  Moong Dal, which is 100% natural that is grown and harvested using the highest quality control standards. 

Take a look at their benefits for skin.

  • Moong dal face packs are used as natural cures for acne, sun tan, and dull, dry skin.
  • Vitamin C, which has antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, is present in moong dal.
  • You can get a brighter, lighter, and softer complexion by using moong dal, which has the unique ability to exfoliate your skin and eliminate the layer of dead cells. 
  • To get rid of fine facial hair, particularly on the top lips and chin, you can produce a facial scrub at home using moong dal. Isn't that cool! 

Ideal Daily Intake: 40.5 to 71% of the daily recommended amount of the vitamin can be found in one cup of dal.

Hey, thanks a lot for reading this far. We appreciate that. Staying healthy is always a choice. It's a choice that can be taken only when you are well informed and apply the same in your diet.To help you take your best step to a healthier life we are always there for you. Follow our Instagram page, to get hold of amazing content like, when was the last time your skin felt Chia-full? And many more. 

We hope this blog was informative and interesting.  Make sure to add these 5 superfoods for skin to your diet plan today. They are good not just for health but also for glowing skin. 

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