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Himalayan Natives 100% Natural Quinoa is farmed and harvested with the highest quality control standards to ensure purity & consistent quality. Buy quinoa that is natural, chemical-free, and genuine. 

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Quinoa is a gluten-free, whole-grain carbohydrate and a whole protein since it contains all nine essential amino acids. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and various antioxidants. Quinoa also has a Low Glycemic Index, which is beneficial for blood sugar control.


  • High in Fiber - Quinoa is high in fiber content which breaks down slowly in the body. This helps control appetite as it gives you a full stomach feeling for a longer time.

  • Good Heart Health - Quinoa provides vitamin E, an antioxidant compound that may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease & certain eye disorders.

  • Good Source of Iron - Rich in iron, quinoa is essential to maintain healthy hemoglobin, a compound that carries the oxygen in the blood - supporting energy and cell function in the body.


  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Hanisha Patamsetti

    Now a days its harvested in India too otherwise its mostly imported. Its one of the good millets. and the taste is good. We cook it just like rice/ pulao with lots of vegetables. True elements as a company seems genuine and lot of healthy products are there in its basket.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Rohit Khatri

    Ordered one pack as it says naturally processed, earlier quinoa used to be imported in India but good to know we have a natural native option now

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Shipra Singh

    Amazing product. I've totally replaced rice with quinoa and I feel full for a longer time. It's protein content has helped me perform better in the gym.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Sugam Agrawal

    Excellent choice! Valuable for money!

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Kriti Ranjan

    Great product! Cooks up a delicious meal! I’m really impressed with the quality. Will buy again for sure!

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    R Kranthi Kiran

    High in fibre and protein. Gives filling experience. Tastes amazing. You can't get bored of it whatever quantity you eat. Go for it.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Natanshi Mittal

    Quality was good I'm loving the product no chemical added

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Vipul Chaudhary

    Great product for fitness freaks.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Atul Sharma

    Good quality quinoa as I tried it for the first time. Quite affordable. Alo it requires approx double the water of the quantity used for cooking. No need to follow instructions to cook 6 cuos water for a cup of quinoa.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Ramesh Aswathy

    I started having Quinoa for the first time and I was confused as to which one to order as there were a pool of choices available for me on Amazon. I selected this and I surely dont regret my choice. Its not only value for money, it becomes delicious when I prepare it! Great stuff!

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Advait Mandawade

    It's good for people looking for weightloss.you can make various recipes out of it.quality is good.packaging is also fine it comes with a zipper pack to prevent the quinoa from moisture.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Pawan Kumar Singh

    I am ordering quinoa for 5th time but this one is best in taste..now i actally i find a proper quinoa brand to order for me daily routine

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Priyadharsini U

    Great source of fibers and proteins.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder


    First time I'm buying Quinoa online and i am positively very surprised by how good quality this is.. love the texture and the taste. It is a must-buy!!

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Jayant Kwatra

    Good quality. Happy with my purchase. True elements products are really good. Thanks

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Utkarsh Mishra

    I love it its perfect...I have made food everyday with this and one dish you must try from quinoa is Mexican one pot dish

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Divya Singh

    Quinoa this product is wonderful can be consumed day after day with increasing appetite 😀

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Tanmay Shah

    Got this product for my wife and she is very happy with it.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Antara Jasrotia

    the product quality is very good. doesn't need sieving of any other sort of cleaning. no adulteration. packaging is good, with air-tight seal. I didn't feel the need to transfer it to another container. shipped properly. I liked the fact that the cover mentions about the preparation details for beginners.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Saheli Paul

    Value for money - this is my first Quinoa - will compare with other Brands to get a comparative view on this. However for now I am happy with this and reordered.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Purva Bhatia

    I am very satisfied with the product. It is dispatched in an air tight pouch with self locking mechanism hence I don't have to worry about transferring it to another container which may not be air tight. I had ordered for 1 Kg quantity & have consumed half of it believe me it's worth every grm of it. It's fresh with a very nice aroma & we all in the family are enjoying it. I am looking forward to order it once again.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder


    Can never go wrong with Quinoa!! and more so if it is Himalayan Natives!! Thanks for fast shipping guys.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Urmila Jain

    A healthy add-on to my diet and also to my kids' diets. Definitely a great quality Quinoa product and i am already ordering more.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Tariq A

    It is a very very good product but my delivery was abit late. Will expect it faster next time. But 5 stars for the quality it is very good, best in market.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Kishan M

    Arrived on time, good packaging and good taste. I will recommend to my friends and family.

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