Combo - Almonds (200 gm) + Cashews (200gm) + Golden Raisins (450 gm)

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Our healthiest snacking combo contains Premium Almonds, Cashews & Golden Raisins.

These specially curated Dry Fruits & Nuts are farmed and harvested in the most natural way using high qualiy standards to ensure consistent quality in size, shape & color.

Enjoy the goodness of our All Natural Dry fruits and nuts for an ultimate snacking experience

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Health Benefits

Premium Almonds:
  • Helps in Blood Sugar Control - Rich in magnesium that helps control blood sugar levels
  • Aids Weight Loss - Rich in Protein & Fibre that helps you feel full, thus lowering your calorie intake
  • Helps Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels - Protects LDL from oxidation, which lowers the risk of heart diseases
Premium Cashews:
  • Boosts Immunity & Energy - Rich in Zinc and Vitamins that keeps you active & energetic
  • Helps Manage Weight - High in calories, proteins, & fibres that keeps you full for a long time
  • Boosts Brain Functions - Contains brain booster nutrients and fatty acids for sharp memory.
Golden Raisins:
  • Aids Better Digestion - Rich in dietary fibre that aids better digestion and prevents constipation
  • Lowers Risk of Cancer & Heart Disease - Rich in Fibre that helps lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol, which reduces strain on your heart
  • Keeps Bones & Joints Healthy - Rich in Calcium which is necessary for healthy & strong bones & teeth


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    Shownik Sanyal

    A perfect plant-based protein combo for my daily protein intake.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Mehak Srivastava

    All in one dry fruit & nuts combo, best for this festive season, I add it to my desserts, special recipes, crunchy snacks and more. The dried nuts shape and taste absolutely feels premium.

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