6 Benefits of Natural Honey

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May 17, 2024 | wellness

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The mere thought of eating food without a dash of sweetness seems frightening, especially when you are a die-hard fan of sweetness.

However refined white sugar crystals have proven to be harmful for human health, primarily due to the high amount of carbohydrates. Not only do they cause a sudden glucose spike but also facilitate abrupt weight gain.

Therefore, cutting down the use of white sugar has become more important than ever. Rather, as an alternative, using Himalayan honey is an ideal choice.

This multifloral natural sweetener enhances the taste profile of the dishes and serves as a great health booster. Unfortunately, not many are aware of the wide array of benefits of natural honey, which is why they show reluctance.

That being said, we have curated a detailed guide to help you understand how consuming natural honey will be a boon for you.

Understanding what Himalayan honey is: A Brief Description

Himalayan Honey

Himalayan multifloral honey is a healthy natural sweetener that curbs down the glucose spike and is also known to be the powerhouse of several useful components for the human body.

With Himalayan Natives Honey, you can easily substitute the white sugar used regularly in cooking and for other purposes, owing to the high quality and purity of the product. It has a bold earthy flavor which adds a distinct touch to the overall taste profile. What’s more, is the soothing floral aroma that tantalizes your nasal sensors the moment you open the bottle of this natural sweetener.

Unraveling the benefits of raw honey

raw honey

Before you buy honey online, you should have clarity about its benefits in everyday life which will help you make the right decision. At least, in this way, you won’t ever regret investing in this natural sweetening product, regardless of any external or internal factor. So, in this following section, we have described the six major benefits of high-quality raw honey that you should enjoy.

1. Aids in weight loss and maintenance

Inclusion of honey for weight loss is no longer hidden in the curtains of darkness. People have been actively switching to this natural sweetener since it aids in the weight loss journey and prevents gaining more weight all of a sudden.

It contains a significant amount of protein and fats, both will help your body to produce glucose molecules for cellular respiration. Therefore, you won’t have to rely on carbohydrate intake to feel energetic for performing daily chores.

Also, the high amounts of essential micronutrients, like calcium, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C ensure the brain cells can actively utilize the glucose molecules and maintain the energy production cycle.

Hence, the fat molecules won’t get deposited in your body's white adipose tissue, helping you maintain your body weight.

2. Boosts the overall immunity power

honey for immunity power

You will be surprised to know that many doctors suggest consuming natural honey for immunity power. This natural sweetener is high in antioxidants, like flavonoids and phenolics.

These play a crucial role in preventing oxidative damage to the cells due to the high amount of free radicals in the blood.

Furthermore, the essential vitamins and minerals in the product, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, phosphorus, and calcium enhance the metabolism and maintain several body functions.

All in all, consuming raw honey is a great way to boost immunity power and help you become less susceptible to different diseases.

3. Contains a low glycemic index

When you consume food containing carbohydrates or fat, your body will break down the components to produce glucose in the blood.

The rise of the glucose level in your body is often determined using the glycemic index and luckily, natural honey is said to have a score of 54 to 59. It is much lower than our body’s natural glycemic index of 65, which is why consuming honey won’t result in a sudden glucose spike.

One of the major benefits of eating honey in the morning is that you won’t have to worry about the glucose spike and the after-effects, especially when you suffer from diabetes Type I. Many doctors suggest diabetic patients switch the white sugar with natural Himalayan honey, owing to the latter’s low glycemic index.

If you want to maintain your health and enjoy your favorite sweet dishes, explore the multifloral honey from Himalayan Natives on their Instagram page.

4. Promotes the respiratory health

When you study the comparative analysis of natural honey vs sugar, you will realize the notable contribution of the former ingredient in boosting your respiratory health.

In ancient times, people used this product to cure ailments like cough, fever, cold, and other types of diseases associated with the respiratory system.

It is primarily because natural honey contains a great deal of micronutrients and antioxidants that boost the normal functioning of the respiratory tract.

Furthermore, the anti-microbial components also fight with bacteria and viruses to prevent you from suffering.

5. Enhances gut health

The use of honey for digestion dates back several decades when people used to add a tablespoon of the ingredient to improve gut health.

Firstly, the presence of antioxidants prevents oxidative damage to the inner lining of the digestive tract and boosts the overall function. Secondly, anti-microbial components maintain the health of the gut flora, the group of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.

Therefore, buying the best raw honey is a must if you often suffer from different digestive problems, like bloating, constipation, and indigestion.

Also, since summer is around and we all love delicious cooling drinks, here are a few recipes that you can curate including the goodness of our natural honey.

Read our blog: Healthy & Refreshing Summer Beverages made with honey.

6. Boosts skin health

Last but not least, you can use honey for the skin since it helps cure several infections, owing to the antifungal and antibacterial components.

Also, applying honey on the skin hydrates the dermal cells from deep within and enables them to retain moisture for long hours.

You can add a tablespoon of raw honey in face packs, scrubbing solutions, and many more for daily use.

Now that we have outlined the benefits of Himalayan honey, you do have clarity about its superiority over white sugar. So, it’s time you stop using the latter ingredient which poses immense risk to human health. Instead, you can explore the Facebook page of Himalayan Natives to get your hands on the best honey to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Himalayan Natives Raw Honey Multifloral

1. Is 100% natural honey good for you?

Answer: Yes, 100% natural honey is good for us when consumed in moderation. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties. It helps with our digestive health. It also has medicinal properties, which help heal wounds, coughs, and colds, and so much more.

2. Does 100% raw honey have sugar?

Answer: 100% raw and natural honey does not contain any sort of artificial sugar but only natural sugar. It is a composition of fructose, glucose, vitamins, and minerals which help keep our health intact.

3. Does honey expire?

Answer: It never does. If stored correctly in an airtight container it can stay fresh up to a very long time. It does crystalize which is not equivalent to going bad. Crystalized honey is as good as the liquid one. Don’t forget to visit Himalayan Natives website to get more information.

4. Who should not use honey?

Answer: Children under the age of 1 should not start consuming raw honey. Diabetic people should be consuming honey after a doctor’s consultation. Pregnant women should avoid consuming honey.

5. How much honey per day is safe?

Answer: For men (with no health conditions), 7-9 tsp a day is sufficient For women and children (with no health conditions) - 4-6 tsp a day is sufficient.with no health conditions), 7-9 tsp a day is sufficient For women and children (with no health conditions) - 4-6 tsp a day is sufficient.

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