Healthy & Refreshing Summer Beverages made with Honey

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March 22, 2024 | wellness

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Healthy & Refreshing Summer Beverages made with Honey

The scorching heat of the sun from the beginning of April leaves everyone irritated and drenched in sweat.

While you can’t avoid going out in the sun, the best way to beat the heat will be to keep yourself hydrated, especially during the day. But drinking plain water is not always welcomed by your tastebuds, especially for the kids.

Rather than grabbing a glass of chilled water or any other soft drink, preparing summer refreshing drinks with natural ingredients like honey, fruits, mint leaves, and more seems to be a healthier option.

If you are planning a party or a get-together, including these delicious and lip-smacking drinks will be a great way to care for everyone’s health.

That being said, we have compiled a detailed recipe guide to help you prepare an assortment of easy summer drinks using the healthiest ingredients.

The top beverage and drink recipes for summer season you must try

1. Sweet and Tangy Cooler

Sweet and Tangy Cooler

If you have a sweet palate but suddenly craving something tangy, this summer drink recipe will help you pamper your taste buds to the fullest.


  • Pomegranate and tangerine 

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey 

  • Water/Soda 


  • Grab a fresh tangerine and pomegranate from the local markets, ensuring they are completely ripe. 

  • Slice the orange into thin pieces and take out the pomegranate seeds properly. 

  • Now add these into a glass and mash them coarsely so that the fruits can release their juice. 

  • Pour a few ice cubes and add a tablespoon of Himalayan Natives Honey. 

  • Mix everything properly and then add chilled water or soda to make the drink. 

Optional: Take the recipe to the next level by garnishing the glass’s rim with sugar and honey mix.

2. Spiced Tea

Spiced Tea

Preparing this drink will just take 10 to 15 minutes, which is why you won’t have to waste hours in the prep work.


  • Tea leaves (of choice) 

  • Water and ice cubes 

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey 

  • Black salt (optional) 


  • Start with brewing the tea leaves of your choice in hot water and let it infuse properly.

  • Now filter the liquid into a tall glass and add five to six cubes of ice. 

  • To increase the sweetness of the beverage, use the pure Himalayan honey in your iced tea. It is a great alternative to processed white sugar and will infuse a unique taste to the drink. 

Optional: You can also add a pinch of black salt and pepper to balance the taste profile.

3. Sweet and chilled watermelon juice

watermelon juice

Another great summer drink option you will have in hand for this coming season is the watermelon juice combined with the goodness of pure Himalayan honey. 


  • Watermelon 

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey 


  • Grab the watermelon and cut it into small cubes. Do not forget to remove the seeds properly as they can leave a bitter aftertaste. 

  • Now, put those cubes in a blender and blend till you get a smooth paste. Strain it through a sieve to obtain the clear, red watermelon juice. 

  • Once done, pour it into a glass and add a few teaspoons of honey to the juice. Stir the mixture properly until the thick, viscous honey dissolves completely, and refrigerate it for a few hours before drinking. 

You can easily buy honey online from Himalayan Natives as we offer the purest form of this natural sweetener.

4. Raspberry and Mint Refresher Drink

Raspberry and mint refresher drink

One of the healthy summer drinks you can drink every other day while boosting your immunity is the one made from seasonal fruits. While the ingredient options are quite diverse and never-ending, this refreshing drink will only need a few fresh raspberries and mint leaves. Both these are known for their complex taste profiles, and when combined, you will feel relaxed and calm despite the rising mercury levels outside.


  • Raspberry 

  • Mint leaves 

  • Cucumber

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey 


  • To prepare this, start by adding the raspberries, a few sliced cucumbers, and freshly plucked mint leaves to the glass and muddle them together till they release the juice. Do not go overboard as that can make the juice taste bitter. 

  • Now add a little water and high-quality raw honey to balance the tanginess appropriately. 

  • Mix everything properly and fill the rest of the glass with chilled water. You can also add a few ice cubes if your cold tolerance levels are pretty high. 

If you’re fond of drinks and are using it to make your health even better, then read our blog: 6 Magical Drinks for Weight Loss and Hormonal Imbalance.

5. Citrus and honey Paloma

Citrus and honey Paloma

If you are a fan of grapefruit, this is one of the best hydrating drinks for summer that you can prepare at your home and enjoy with your loved ones.


  • Lime & lemon 

  • Grapefruit 

  • Lime seltzer 

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey 


  • Squeeze out the lime and lemon and keep aside their juices. Do the same with the grapefruit. 

  • Now add all the juices to any container and add the raw honey to balance the tanginess from all the citrus fruits and enhance the sweetness levels without relying on processed sugar. 

  • Once you mix everything properly, add a few ice cubes or chilled water to prepare a cool and refreshing drink. 

Note: If you are planning to use it as a welcome drink for a party, do not forget to show your creativity with garnishing. Check out the Himalayan Natives website to explore some healthy garnishing ingredients.

6. Fresh Coconut Lemonade

coconut lemonade

The last drink recipe we will share here with you for this upcoming, dreadful summer season is that of lemon juice infused with the freshness and earthy flavors of coconut and the natural sweetness of honey.


  • Lemon 

  • Coconut water 

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey


  • Take a huge tumbler or glass bowl and add freshly cut lemon slices. 

  • Now pour the coconut water and add a few tablespoons of the Himalayan honey. Give everything a good stir and fill the container with plain water and ice cubes. 

  • Keep it inside the refrigerator or serve it instantly at your convenience. 

You can look at the Instagram page of Himalayan Natives to know more about the best honey to buy so that you can boost your immunity levels with this unique lemonade recipe.

About Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey

Himalayan Natives Multifloraw raw honey is 100% natural and unprocessed. It contains bee pollen which is known to be good for your health. This acts as a good natural sweetener and can be replaced with all your artificial ones.

If you want to learn more about this product, visit the Facebook page of Himalayan Natives and place your order.


Now that we are all set with the recipes, making these drinks for summer at home won’t be a problem anymore. All you need is to get your hands over the best honey and fresh ingredients and you are good to go.

Our intention with these recipes was to bring the freshness of nature to your homes. Fruits and raw honey were the major ingredients so that you and your family can all stay natural and enjoy the cool in your mouth in the hot temperatures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. What drink is good for refreshment?

Answer: Drinks that are made up of water-containing fruits & vegetables mixed with natural sweeteners are the best drinks for refreshment, such as cucumbers, apples, oranges, peaches, watermelons, etc.

2. What are the 5 benefits of honey?

Answer: Eating raw honey has enormous health benefits as for centuries it has been used in kitchens and even for medicinal purposes.

  • Because of its antimicrobial properties, It can help promote healing, reduce infection risk, and soothe irritated skin.

  • It has prebiotic properties, which support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. This helps with better digestion.

  • The natural sugars in honey, primarily glucose and fructose, are a great and fast source of energy. People often use honey as a natural pre-workout meal.

  • Honey is used in various skincare products for its moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Unlike refined sugars, honey is a natural sweetener that adds flavor to foods and beverages without as much of a glycemic impact.

3. How much honey is OK per day?

Answer: Honey is a natural sweetener, yet should be consumed moderately. For men, 7-9 tsp a day, and for women & children, 5-7 tsp a day.

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