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Himalayan Natives 100% Natural Almonds are farmed and harvested with the highest quality control standards to ensure purity and consistent quality.

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Almonds are an excellent source of protein, manganese, vitamin E, and healthy fats. They are very popular in vegan diets, and are being used to produce almond milk, almond butter, almond oil, and even almond flour!


  • Great Source of Antioxidants - Almonds are rich in antioxidants which help reduce the effects of cell oxidation, which in turn reduce the risk of diseases.

  • Great for Blood Sugar Control - Almonds are rich in magnesium, a mineral that is key in regulating blood sugar. This in turn helps reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

  • Great for Heart Health - Almonds are beneficial for lowering levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), which in turn helps improve heart health.


  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder


    I wake up to soaked almonds everyday from Himalayan Natives and i can see the difference in my skin.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Adit Bhatia

    Happy with it.. Good almonds and great packaging. Value for the money

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Ritika Kanchi

    I was wondering whether I could get fresh almonds online. But yes, this brand is trustworthy! The almonds are fresh, product packaging is good. Overall, very happy with the purchase 😊

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Hanisha Patamsetti

    Almond are extra crunchy and tasty compared to that one we purchase from market. quality wise, I will say superb..😊

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Purnima Sridharan

    Good product.. No broken. Packaging is perfect and air tight... I have ordered again

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Kanakapriya M

    Eating almonds are really good and these California almonds are very testy and crunchy , I loved eating it and the quality is very good and awesome , so would really love to repeate order order this

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Sharanya Subramanian

    I just love them. The taste is so good. Just deep fry them with salt and pepper and magic is on the way

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Utkarsh Arya

    Very happy with the product... Good taste.... Decided to buy again....

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Antargun Kaur Bhatia

    I’ve tried many California almonds but this was the sweetest and best quality almonds among all. Just go for it blindly.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Aashi Maheshwari

    I had ordered almonds for my mom for the very first time and got a call from her saying that these almonds are truely of premium quality and are really good. I was very glad to hear that from her

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Lipi Dewan

    They are fresh, well packed and reasonably priced. Nothing has happened until now to change that opinion.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Kota Vyshnavi

    he texture of almond is good, you can feel the juiciness. The skin of almond is also thing considering the price. Size wise most of the almonds are large. Its freshly packed.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Rogers Mathews

    The almonds are so good and fresh, you won't find a single piece of bad one. I am a regular buyer of this almond . Go for it without a second thought.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Devang Dhingra

    After so long found almonds with oil in them rather oil sucked ones. Fresh lot packaged

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Vanshika Yadav

    The product has really made me happy by its rich taste n best quality!

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Saheli Paul

    I love the packaging of the product, it comes in a airtight packet which is really travel friendly. Now coming to the badam quality Almonds are long and crunchy enough to give you nice a taste at its best

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Kanika Dhingra

    The price is bit higher than those available in the market, but it's worth it. The average size of the kernels is slightly bigger than those sold in the local market. The nuts are crunchy and tasty & it is recommended to soak it in water for atleast 6 hrs, drain the water, peel off the skin and then consume it.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Roma Paryani

    Good choice to buy this. As you can see in all almonds are of equal size, none is tiny or broken. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Radhika Bajaj

    eating almonds daily from 6 months this time I tried these almonds taste feel so fresh best almonds I have ever tasted. I tried reliance fresh almonds and big bazar almonds but happilo almonds are feels so fresh. FYI I kept them in water over night.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Kishor S

    There are many Almond products sold online and in the open market. Most of them are costly. Some are cheap, but their quality and taste isn't standard. This brand is by far the best you can get, when. It comes to the price and deliciousness of Almonds. California Almonds, great taste and price. Ohhh wait! The packet has a detachable zip. No need to store in any container.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Charu Jindal

    Ordered 2 times these almonds.. Writing reviews after using the almonds... Packing is petfect.2 times delivered with in time. No damage. These are very good in size and perfect shape. Soaked and used.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder


    Tried making almond milk with this... it was sooo good

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder


    I have had so many almonds but none like these... the purity and taste is rare

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder


    My daily diet partner ... the best for your skin

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Harsha Mohta

    Some of the freshest and best textured almonds I have ever had, for best results, other than usual additions I prefer having them daily at night before bed

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