Summer Smoothie Recipes with Healthy Seeds

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April 20, 2024 | recipes

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Summer Smoothie Recipes with Healthy Seeds

Beating the sweltering heat of the summer seems next to impossible with mere cold water or refreshing drinks. Although they offer momentary relief and hydrate the body, they won’t make you feel fuller.

As a result, you will feel hungrier as time passes, and eating something heavy in the scorching heat seems challenging to endure. So, does this mean you must compromise your taste buds by relying on flavorless and tasteless summer foods with a so-called higher health quotient?

Obviously no! Summers are great for seasonal fruits, leafy vegetables, and other ingredients. When combined correctly, you can prepare a bowl or glass of smoothies loaded with a burst of flavors.

On top of this, adding Himalayan Natives healthy seeds will be like a cherry on top of the cake as they will add more nutrition to your body's needs to combat the heat. So, without further ado, let's look at the best summer smoothie recipes you can add to your list this season.

Why add healthy seeds to summer smoothie recipes?

Before learning more about healthy smoothie recipes, it will be helpful to gain more clarity on the benefits of seeds. This way, you can choose ingredients rather than overlook the benefits these small elements can bring you. Since many people are still in the dark regarding the functions of different seeds like chia, flax, basil, and many more, we have listed a few of their advantages in this section below.

  • Most seeds, like chia and flax, contain a higher concentration of fibers. These fibers maintain gut health at optimal levels, prevent constipation, smoothen bowel movements, and alleviate indigestion and other symptoms. 

  • Several seeds, including flax and sunflower, are best for summer smoothies for weight loss owing to their high concentrations of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  

  • Some Himalayan Native seeds are loaded with components that work wonders on swelling and help alleviate pain 

  • Another reason to eat seeds is their active role in boosting cardiac functions by reducing cholesterol levels and regulating blood flow. 

  • Himalayan Natives chia seeds or flax seeds are loaded with numerous antioxidants. These reduce oxidative damage to the cells and prevent signs of premature skin aging, wrinkles and deep lines, and bone damage. 

The top summer smoothie recipes with healthy seeds

Now that you have learned a few benefits of adding seeds to summer smoothie recipes, it’s time to know more about the preparatory processes. This way, you won’t have to endure any unexpected taste profile due to improper preparation of the smoothies.

1. Mixed Berry Smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Summer is the berry season, and you will find several members of this fruit family in the market, including raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. These are loaded with numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial components that will help alleviate the symptoms of several health issues. Furthermore, their rich fiber content will help boost gut health during summer. Being one of the healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss, you can easily add it to your everyday routine.


  • Berries of choice (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc) 

  • 2 bananas 

  • Himalayan Natives flax seeds and chia seeds 


Start by adding an assortment of berries to the blender along with yogurt, ice cubes, healthy seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds from Himalayan Natives, and a few slices of banana. You can also add a few drops of vanilla essence to enhance the flavor. Blend everything until you get a smooth consistency, and serve it in a bowl. Use chopped seeds to garnish the smoothie bowl.

2. Refreshing Yellow Smoothie

Refreshing Yellow Smoothie


  • Mango

  • Papaya

  • Banana 

  • Yogurt/milk 

  • Himalayan Natives chia seeds 

  • Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey 

  • Basil seeds 


  • Soak chia seeds in 1 glass of water and keep them aside 

  • Chop all the fruits and add them to a blender 

  • Add yogurt/milk and 2 tsp honey to the same blender and now blend everything together. 

  • Serve them in glasses and garnish with soaked chia seeds and basil leaves 

This is one of the most refreshing drinks you can come have this hot season.

3. Detoxifying Green Smoothie

Detoxifying Green Smoothie


  • Cucumbers 

  • Mint leaves 

  • Green apple 

  • Spinach leaves 

  • Ginger 

  • Lime 

  • Himalayan Natives Flax seeds 

  • Himalayan Natives Basil seeds 


  • Chop everything roughly and add them to a blender 

  • Now add lime juice, 1 tsp flax seeds, and 1 tsp basil seeds, and 1 glass of water

  • Blend all ingredients together and healthy nutritious smoothie is ready 

Considered the best among different simple smoothie recipes, this will not only add nutrition to your diet but also help detoxify from deep within. Green apple is loaded with vitamins A and C, while cucumber has a higher fiber content needed to maintain your gut health. Spinach leaves are rich in iron and calcium, and lime juice will increase the Vitamin C concentration.

4. Chocolate Nutty Smoothie

Chocolate Nutty Smoothie


  • Roasted oats 

  • Bananas 

  • Cocoa powder 

  • Peanut butter 

  • Himalayan Natives chia seeds

  • Himalayan Natives sunflower seeds

  • Himalayan Natives flax seeds 


  • Roast oats, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds on slow flame and keep them side 

  • In a blender add chopped bananas, the above roasted ingredients, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. Blend until smooth. 

  • Serve with a small piece of chocolate on top 

This recipe is the best to follow if you plan to include a high-protein breakfast smoothie. To enhance the health quotient of this meal, do not forget to buy seeds online from Himalayan Natives.

5. Tropical Smoothie

Tropical Smoothie

One of the best summer smoothies you can have thrice a week is this tropical smoothie.


  • Coconut 

  • Banana 

  • Mango

  • Spinach 

  • Himalayan Natives jaggery powder 

  • Himalayan Natives flax seeds 


  • Chop all the fruits , spinach and add them to a blender 

  • Add 2 tsp jaggery powder, 1 tsp flax seeds, and blend everything together

  • Serve it with any piece of fruit on top 

Having these breakfast smoothie recipes in hand, you won’t have to worry about any other alternative to boost your health while pampering your tastebuds. These recipes are best in terms of flavor profile and will help you feel refreshed and hydrated in the scorching summer heat. So, start planning your everyday diet by adding at least one smoothie to start the day.

As for the ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available in the markets. You can get the seeds online from Himalayan Natives, where you get 100% natural ingredients that are rich in flavour, premium in quality, and delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the healthiest seeds to add to smoothies?

Answer: These seed options not only enhance the taste of your smoothies but also change your health game for the better

  • Chia seeds 

  • Flax seeds 

  • Basil seeds 

  • Sunflower seeds 

  • Hemp seeds 

  • Sesame seeds 

2. What are the top 3 healthiest seeds?

Answer: All the seeds are highly nutritious and contain several health benefits. The list contains:

  • Pumpkin Seeds.

  • Hemp Seeds.

  • Chia Seeds.

  • Sesame Seeds.

  • Flaxseeds.

  • Sunflower Seeds

3. Is it okay to eat seeds everyday?

Answer: As we keep saying, moderation is the key to a healthy living, which goes for everything. Although the seeds are healthy, we recommend having ¼ cup thrice or 4 times a week.

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