Eat Right For A Healthy Life

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March 25, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Eat Right For A Healthy Life

We often mistake eating healthy for completely giving up our favorite sweet treats and delicious savory dishes. Eating right doesn't mean you need to cut down on your favorite food and turn yourselves away from so-called junked food completely. It only means that you need to learn to convert your junk food into a nutritious meal. Healthy food isn't supposed to be bland and boring. You can make your regular food into a healthy meal by switching to healthier substitutes for processed ingredients. Natural substitutes help bring in natural and healthy nutrients and minerals that our body requires. By using natural ingredients we also expand our flavor palettes and explore different and creative recipes.

We must make conscious decisions while stocking up our pantry and take the first step towards a healthier diet. Along with eating right for a healthy life we also need to give importance to a good exercise regime and savor our favorite foods lifelong.

Eating healthy may seem like a daunting task but if you keep adding variations of healthy food products to your recipes you will definitely enjoy eating them and won’t get bored. For example, if you enjoy consuming chia seeds you could try different chia seeds recipes. Try your hands on some healthy honey recipes rather than just adding them to your morning drink. You can experiment using various natural substitutes or add new elements to a dish to increase and enhance the flavor. By doing so you will find yourself wanting to switch to eating healthy food as a part of your lifestyle and not as a forced choice.

Remember, the first step to a happy life is a healthy life.

 Healthy Life with Himalayan native

We at Himalayan Natives believe in providing you with the most natural form of products with minimal human intervention just as nature intended it to be. Here are some superfoods along with their benefits for you to check out. They can easily be introduced into your diet. These highly nutritious foods provide our bodies with the right amount of nourishment and energy.

The staple ingredient ghee:

A staple in every Indian household, and used in various sweet and savory dishes, ghee is a delicious and nutritious ingredient. Ghee is packed with good fats and nutrients to keep your body healthy and strong. A spoonful of ghee can help boost your immunity and your energy levels too. Try adding ghee to your morning coffee for an amazing bullet coffee for extra energy during the mornings. You can also use ghee when it comes to vanity as a nourishing moisturizer for your skin! 

Honey straight from the comb:

It is believed that honey should be consumed in its rawest form without any adulteration and added preservatives, This is exactly what we at Himalayan Natives provide. Honey has many healthy compounds and is used as a home remedy to treat the common cold and digestive ailments. It has amazing health benefits besides being a delicious alternative to processed sugar. It can add amazing flavors to your favorite sweets. Try making a honey and raisin spread by blending some honey and raisins together. You can enjoy this with toast and top it off with chia seeds for some extra crunch. A quick and delicious treat for those sweet cravings, quick breakfast, or just for snacking.

Our very own jaggery:

 Sugar and jaggery are derived from the same source- cane juice. However, jaggery is a less processed version, which means it possesses the vital nutrients and antioxidants that the body needs. Therefore jaggery is a natural sweetener that can be a healthier alternative to sugar while preparing desserts or even chais and coffees. We recommend using jaggery to substitute processed sugar while making cookies or cereal-based snacks. I add jaggery powder to my curd instead of sugar when I have to finish off the leftover curd in my dinner bowl. It also acts like a post-meal dessert for me without giving me too many calories.

Rice and shine:

Have you heard of people staying away from rice because it's deemed to be a bad source of carbs? Well, whoever you’ve heard this from is wrong. Eating rice does not make you fat when consumed in moderation. You can definitely include it in your meals for the extra energy and healthy carbs. You can make some crispy rice by cooking your rice for an extra three minutes and frying them in a pan with all-natural ghee. It goes very well with a hot dish of dal makhni or mutter paneer. 

Seeds are not just for bird feed:

Seeds are filled with lots of vitamins, minerals, protein, and good fats and provide your body with nutrients. Seeds such as sunflower, chia, garden cress, flax, pumpkin, and basil seeds are easy to add to many sweet and savory dishes and even to your breakfast and salad bowls. We recommend making seed flour by blending it into a fine powder and adding it to your idli or dosa batter and even to your pancakes and chillas.

Dry fruits and Nuts:

Cashews, raisins, and almonds are another great option for snacking. They keep you full, provide you with a lot of nutrients and save you from eating junked food. It serves as the best garnish for smoothies and all types of desserts! You can also make a decadent and delicious cashew cheese that would go perfectly with toasts, crackers, and even as a healthy dip! 

Primary Pulses:

A staple in every Indian kitchen, dal possesses high amounts of protein, fiber, and minerals that may help keep the risk of heart and digestive issues away. It also helps in achieving the required nutrients for the overall health and fitness of the body. You don’t need to stick to dal chawal only, we can even make yummy lentil soups or even lentil snack bars! 

Use your creativity and keep following us on Instagram for some healthy and delicious meal variations and twisted recipes. You can also share with us your special healthy recipes and we would be happy to feature them on our page.

 Himalayan native

These superfoods will keep your body healthy and strong from the inside while it keeps your skin and hair radiating good health from the outside as well. The best part about healthy eating is the positive effect it has on your overall health. You start to feel more active and full of energy once you adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s a little article on meal prepping, with useful tips & recipes. You can try your hands on some healthy and delicious food recipes.

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