Daily Meal Plan for Weight Loss: What Should You Include?

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November 08, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Daily Meal Plan for Weight Loss

How many times have we sat on the internet and searched ‘best weight loss program’ or "the fastest weight loss diet"? N number of times, haven’t we?

Let us ask you one more question. How many times have we started these programs and given up in the first seven days?

The number of people agreeing to the above question is going to be massive. This is the reason why we bring you the simplest meal preparations and lists that you can cook in no time and be more realistic towards your goals.

Prioritizing yourself - your mind, your body, and your growth—will never be considered selfish. It is the true act of self-love and self-acceptance.

First Step Towards Weight Loss:

Body Mass Index

Your meal plans will be determined by the following:

  • Your weight right now vs your weight goal

  • The medications and conditions of your body (if you suffer from any)

  • The regularity of your physical activities

  • The time period to achieve the weight goal

  • Specific dietary meals such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and egalitarians.

  • The time in hand for preparing meals

  • The knowledge of cooking intricate meals


Let’s first look at the ideal body weight according to height and age. I.e the BMI

BMI = weight/height

Calculate your BMI by dividing the weight of your body by your height, and check where you stand in this chart. If you are someone who falls in the third, fourth, or fifth category, let’s keep reading.

Calculate your BMI here.

5 Healthy Foods to include in your diet plan
Healthy foods

  • Carbohydrates: Many people wonder why are carbs (carbohydrates) part of a diet plan at all when they are the reason why were are obese in the first place.

So let’s resolve this today. Carbohydrates are the most important nutrients we need to consume, to be able to do even the smallest physical activities, like picking up a pencil. Carbohydrates are sugar molecules that give our bodies the energy they need. They provide the body with glucose, which is then converted into the energy needed for body activities.

What needs more attention is the type of carbohydrates we are consuming during the weight loss process. It is because some sources of carbohydrates are more beneficial than others. For eg: Carbohydrates in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are better than the ones found in bread, sauce, and processed foods.

  • Fats: How can someone on a weight loss journey be consuming fat? Well, we tend to forget that the correct amount of essential fats help us with energy and absorption of some vital vitamins and minerals, balance hormones, and create Omega 3 and Omega 6, which the body cannot produce on its own. Fats come in 4 categories:

  1. Monounsaturated fats: pumpkin seeds, nuts, avocado, peanuts

  2. Polyunsaturated fats: soybean, flax seeds, walnuts

  3. Trans fat: refrigerated pizza, cakes, fried food

  4. Saturated fats: butter, biscuits, cheese

The former two are healthy fats while the latter two are unhealthy fats. The latter two can lead to heart problems such as stroke or a heart attack.

  • Fibre: A lot of studies have proven in the past that increasing the sources of fibre in your diet helps you lose weight faster. Fibre helps your body digest food products better by breaking them down into smaller particulars and keeping your gut clean. The cleaner and better the bowel movement, the better your digestive system is. This helps you lose weight faster and better.

Fibre rich foods keep you fuller for longer, which is why you don’t eat unnecessarily.

  • Protein: A protein rich diet is an essential part of your diet plan as it helps you lose those extra calories instead of the fats that give you energy. Vegetarians find it incredibly difficult to fulfil their RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) as non-vegetarian foods are incredibly high in protein. That absolutely doesn’t mean you cannot make your protein intake high by being a vegetarian. Watch our Instagram post to know the top 5 protein rich vegetarian food items.


  • Vitamins & Minerals: Essential vitamins and minerals help the body in 100 different ways. We must be careful not to be overdosing on too little or too much of them. Vitamins and minerals help our body strengthen bones, heal wounds, give energy, and many other benefits. Consume the following foods in order to gain the right amount of vitamins and minerals required.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Whole Grains

  • Cereals


Now that we have discussed the kinds of food that need to be incorporated into our daily meal plan, let’s have a look at the proportion in which the above mentioned foods should be consumed.

Your daily calorie intake should be: 1200-1500 calories according to your weight goal

  • Carbohydrates intake: It should be 60% - 65% of your daily calorie intake

  • Protein intake: 0.8 gm per[1] [2] [3]  kg (body weight)

  • Fats intake: 20% - 35% of your daily calorie intake

  • Vitamins and minerals intake: 900 micrograms for men, 700 micrograms for women

7 Days Daily Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Let’s have a look at the balanced diet food list to follow through:


Morning (7 am): Drink a glass of water with overnight soaked chia seeds on an empty stomach.

Breakfast (9 am): 2 vegetables besan chilla with fresh coriander chutney

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit

Lunch (1 pm): salad, 1 chapati, green vegetables, 1 small cup rice, 1 bowl of raita/curd

Tea time (4:30 pm): Green tea and royal trail mix

Dinner (7 pm): Quinoa salad


Morning (7 am): Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey in it.

Breakfast (9 am): a bowl of poha and dry fruits

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit 

Lunch (1 pm): Crunchy brussel sprouts salad with buttermilk

Tea time (4:30 pm): Green tea with oat cookies

Dinner (7 pm): whole wheat bread hung curd sandwich with coriander chutney


Morning (7 am): Drink 1 glass of cucumber and mint water

Breakfast (9 am):  1 bowl of Upma with skimmed milk

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit

Lunch (1 pm): 2 Bajre ki roti with palak ki sabzi

Tea time (4:30 pm): Green tea with dry fruits & nuts 

Dinner (7 pm): paneer sandwich with green garlic chutney


Morning (7 am): 1 glass of warm cinnamon water

Breakfast (9 am): 2 pieces of idli with chutney and sambhar

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit/coconut water

Lunch (1 pm): 1 bowl of vegetable porridge

Tea time (4:30 pm): Green tea with chana or badam

Dinner (7 pm): 2 Rotis with green vegetables and salad


Morning (7 am): 1 glass of warm water

Breakfast (9 am): 1 bowl of yoghurt mixed with berries, fruits, topped with sunflower seeds

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit

Lunch (1 pm): vegetable salad

Tea time (4:30 pm): black coffee with 1 tsp ghee

Dinner (7 pm): 1 bowl of basil and tomato soup with sandwich


Morning (7 am): 1 cup green tea

Breakfast (9 am): Oats with seasonal fruit, pumpkin seeds, and any other topping of preference

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit

Lunch (1 pm): Jeera rice with lentils

Tea time (4:30 pm): black coffee without sugar with oat cookies 

Dinner (7 pm): Boiled vegetable soup


Morning (7 am): 1 glass of warm water

Breakfast (9 am): Multigrain and vegetable paratha with curd and chutney

Brunch (11 am): 1 seasonal fruit

Lunch (1 pm): Frankie with roti and vegetables

Tea time (4:30 pm): Black coffee with 1 tsp ghee

Dinner (7 pm): Quinoa pulao or any other Quinoa recipes.

Read our blog All about Quinoa to learn in depth about this grain and its delicious, healthy recipes.

There are multiple healthy choices of recipes that you include in your daily meal plan for weight loss. You can do permutations and combinations according to your own preferences. Just remember to prepare a diet chart that includes all 5 types of food and portions according to your BMI.

Always know, it is easy to overcome your physical obstacles if you make your mind strong. It is not overnight magic but rather the hard work and determination of weeks, months, and years.

If you are a health freak or on the path to becoming one, then visit our website and invest in 100% natural food products for good health.
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