Ayurvedic Goodness of A2 Ghee and It’s Health Benefits

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June 13, 2023 | health-nutrition

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Ayurvedic Goodness of A2 Ghee

We all know the ancient traditional connection of Desi Ghee and Ayurveda, but did we ever really try to understand how it exactly helps in our overall well being?

With newer options like A2 Ghee available in the market nowadays, it might be confusing to link them with their Ayurvedic health benefits.

The one and only A2 Ghee, it's like the superhero version of regular ghee, with an extra boost of goodness! As truly said by Shonali Sabherwal, celebrity nutritionist "A2 Ghee is a treasure trove of nutrients and has been revered in Indian culture for ages. Its consumption can have a positive impact on our health, both physically and mentally."

So in this blog, join us on this journey as we explore the rich heritage, uncover the traditional wisdom behind Ayurveda and the transformative power of A2 Ghee in balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

What is A2 Ghee?

A2 Gir Cow Ghee is not your ordinary butter. It's handcrafted traditionally and made from the milk of cows that produce A2 beta-casein protein. Now, you might be wondering, "What's the big deal about A2 beta-casein?" Well, it turns out that this protein has some intriguing qualities that sets it apart from A1 milk and others.

A1 milk and, consequently, A1 ghee is derived from a genetically modified breed of cow known as Holstein/Jersey cows. On the other hand, A2 milk and A2 ghee comes from a primitive breed called Desi Gir cows, which have never undergone genetic mutations.

Cow in the open farm

Desi Gir cows are typically indigenous to India or Africa and produce about 6 liters of milk per day. The Holstein breed of cows was selectively bred to enhance productivity and reduce costs, capable of producing up to 20 liters of milk per day.

This distinction between A1 and A2 ghee explains why A2 milk and A2 ghee tend to be pricier than their A1 counterparts. As a result, A1 ghee does not possess the Gir Cow Ghee Benefits mentioned in Ayurveda.

Difference between A1 and A2 ghee (How A2 is beneficial)

When it comes to choosing between A1 and A2 ghee, there are some key differences to consider. Let's take a closer look at the disparities between these two types of ghee.

1. Protein Composition: The main difference lies in the protein composition of the milk used to make the A2 ghee. This variation in protein structure is believed to impact digestion and overall health effects.

2. Digestibility: A2 ghee is often touted as being easier to digest compared to A1 ghee. Some individuals who experience discomfort or digestive issues after consuming dairy products may find that A2 ghee is better digested.

3. Potential Health Effects: The consumption of A2 ghee is associated with potential health benefits. Some studies suggest that A2 beta-casein protein may have anti-inflammatory properties and be less likely to trigger digestive discomfort.

4. Traditional Breeds: A2 ghee is typically sourced from cows of traditional breeds, such as Desi Gir cows in India, that naturally produce milk containing A2 beta-casein protein. These traditional breeds have been cherished for their milk and ghee production for centuries.

5. Availability: A1 ghee is more widely available in the market compared to A2 ghee. However, due to the increasing demand for A2 ghee, it is becoming more accessible but you still need to be mindful about getting the right one.

Check out this blog to know more about the traditional making process of Himalayan Natives A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee: From our Farms to your Doorstep.

A2 Gir Cow Ghee Benefits in Ayurveda

A2 Gir Cow Ghee has gained recognition and appreciation in Ayurveda for its potential health benefits. Let's explore some of the advantages it offers according to Ayurvedic principles.

A2 Gir cow Bilona ghee Benefits   A2 Gir cow ghee benefits

1. Digestive Support: Ayurveda emphasizes the significance of a robust digestive system for overall well-being. A2 Gir Cow Ghee is believed to support digestion by kindling the digestive fire (Agni) and aiding in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. It soothes and balances the digestive tract, promoting optimal digestion and reducing digestive discomfort.

2. Nourishing for Mind & Body: In Ayurveda, A2 Gir Cow Ghee is considered a highly nourishing substance for both the body and the mind. It supports the body's tissues, known as dhatus, and promotes their optimal functioning. Additionally, it nourishes the mind, helping to balance emotions, promote mental clarity, and support overall cognitive function.

3. Ojas Enhancement: Ojas are considered the essence of vitality, immunity, and overall health in Ayurveda. A2 Gir Cow Ghee is revered for its potential to enhance ojas. It provides nourishment at a deep level, strengthens the immune system, and supports the body's natural defense mechanisms.

4. Lubrication and Flexibility: According to Ayurvedic principles, A2 Gir Cow Ghee has a lubricating quality, which helps promote joint health and flexibility.

A2 Ghee in Charaka Samhita: Insights from Ayurveda's Ancient Text

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, refers to A2 Ghee in one of its foundational texts known as Charaka Samhita. This esteemed text provides insights into the benefits and uses of A2 Ghee.


It highlights the importance of A2 Ghee in balancing the doshas, the three fundamental energies in Ayurveda. It acknowledges A2 Ghee's ability to pacify Vata and Pitta doshas due to its grounding and cooling nature. This balancing effect is believed to contribute to overall health and harmony within the body.

Ayurveda, as described in Charaka Samhita, recognizes the significance of A2 Ghee in promoting digestion, nourishment, doshic balance, and the enhancement of ojas. These references provide valuable insights into the traditional uses and potential benefits of A2 Ghee within the framework of Ayurvedic medicine.


People are becoming more & more health-conscious and on the lookout for natural and wholesome food options. Along comes A2 Ghee, shining like a superstar with its unique properties and amazing benefits. It's like the underdog that suddenly steals the spotlight!

Health-conscious folks all around the globe have been raving about A2 Ghee and its fantastic qualities. It's like a health revolution in a jar with Ayurveda backing it up.

It's like a match made in foodie heaven! With its digestive superpowers, immune-boosting abilities, brain-nourishing qualities, and even its skin and hair benefits, A2 Ghee might just be the healthiest alternative to cooking oil and a wholesome household ingredient.

So, the next time you're on a culinary adventure, be sure to grab a jar of Himalayan Natives A2 Ghee and experience its magic firsthand. Let the rich flavors and potential health benefits take your taste buds on a journey they won't forget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why to choose Himalayan Natives A2 Ghee?

Answer: Our A2 Ghee is made traditionally and slow cooked from the ethically sourced A2 milk of free grazing Desi Cows on our mineral rich farms.

It is unadulterated and pure hence retains its original Rich Aroma and Texture. This Himalayan Natives Desi Cow Ghee is highly nutritious and good for your health if included in a regular diet.

2. Is this Ghee certified and safe to consume?
Answer: Himalayan Natives Desi Ghee is made traditionally, sourced ethically and packed hygienically.

Our Natural Food Products are:

  • HACCP Certified

  • FDA Certified

  • FSSAI Certified

Moreover, our Eco Friendly Factory is licensed under Legal Metrology Registration.

Lastly, do visit our Instagram and Facebook page to get regular healthy tips, recipes and offer updates on our 100% Natural Food Products.

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