Ayurvedic Benefits of Raw Honey

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March 07, 2023 | health-nutrition

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Ayurvedic Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey is ideally available in different forms, including the regular pasteurized honey you find in the market or the pure honey with no added sugar.

But the most effective form is raw honey which is unpasteurized and contains no added sugar. It is directly scooped out from the honeycomb and made to pass through a strainer cloth. This removes beeswax, dead bees, and other impurities.

So, the honey you get is a natural medicine with several health benefits you cannot get from other forms.

But only a few people know the Ayurvedic benefits of eating honey. As a result, they continue to prefer adulterated honey and deprive themselves of the excellent benefits of raw honey. 

What are the ayurvedic benefits of raw honey?

Honey in Jar

1. Acts as an anti-oxidant 

From raw honey's nutritional value, it’s evident the food is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids. These compounds prevent oxidative stress and damage in the body. 

For instance, honey can prevent skin cell degeneration and early aging, thereby preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. A natural “Madhura”

Since raw honey is one of the best natural sweeteners or Madhura, you won't have to worry about consuming artificial or complex sugar. According to medical studies, complex sugar disrupts the digestive power and leads to irregular insulin levels, weight gain, and many other problems.

So, raw honey is a better option as it contains simple, natural sugars. These are laghu or light to digest according to Ayurvedics. Moreover, they don’t negatively impact the heart (Hryudha), hormone levels, basal metabolism, or overall body weight.

3. Anti-pathogenic Food

Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide, one of the major constituents that acts as an antiseptic and boosts immune power.

This food can prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in your body, ensuring optimal health in all seasons. If you have a weak immune system, raw honey daily intake will make you less vulnerable to pathogenic infections.

Raw Honey

4. Boosts Brain Power and Medha

Another major benefit of the best ayurvedic honey is its ability to boost brain power and medha or intellect. When you start consuming raw honey daily, your body produces more brain-derived neurotropic factors or BDNF that maintain and keeps the neurons healthier for a long time.

Additionally, the phytonutrients and polyphenols in honey decrease oxidative damage to the brain cells, keeping you safe from different types of degenerative diseases. Studies have shown that multifloral raw honey is an excellent treatment for dementia.

5. Loaded with Phytonutrients

Although honey is derived from bees, its source is a plant-based product called nectar. Therefore, you will find a lot of phytonutrients in this food that help reduce microbial infections. 

Also, these compounds make honey the best alternative medicine to treat many infections and boost overall immune power.

6. Sandhana: Helps in Healing Wounds

Raw honey is often considered as one of the main tools for Sandhana or wound healing. It has natural sugars with a mild acidic content. As a result, it extracts water from any wound and allows tissues to regenerate much faster, thereby speeding up the recovery process.

It is also known for its anti-inflammatory and cleansing or shodanam ropanam and vishaprashamanam properties, so it prevents infections at the wound site. Thanks to these beautiful honey ayurvedic properties, you can use it as a natural antiseptic and healer.


7. Kasa: Alleviates Cough and Cold

Most often, cough and cold or Kasa occur due to bacterial infection in the upper respiratory tract. It is worrisome and makes it difficult to talk or breathe at times. This is why you should get the best ayurvedic honey from Himalayan Natives.

Here, the raw honey or Madhura available is potent enough to cure a cold and cough and give you relief. If the infection level is high and you are suffering from shwasa, add rock sugar, basil, and peppercorn to honey and then drink it.

8. Source of Paraga or Bee Pollen

Bee pollen or Paraga in Ayurveda is often considered the powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Due to the presence of these micropores, the honey nutrition facts are so positive in terms of health benefits.

In other words, raw honey or madhu contains lots of bee pollens, as these are not removed while straining the liquid from the honeycomb. Once these pollens enter your body, they boost the immune power and treat many health problems.

9. Boosts Agnideepanam: Digestive Health and Healthy Appetite 

As you know, the human stomach releases gastric acid, also known as digestive fire or Agni to breakdown the food. But when produced in excess, it can often lead to the formation of metabolic gases. So, one of the significant benefits of honey that you should ignore is its ability to suppress gases and relieve Urdhvaga amlapitta roga or chronic gastritis and metabolic disorder.

Also, it acts as a natural laxative and eases bowel movements, relieving constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Honey in jar with Flowers

10. Medohara and Vishaprashamanam: Helps in Weight Loss and Detox

If you check honey calories, you will find it much less than regular sugar, which is why it’s ideal for medohara and vishaprashamanam. The ingredient boosts basal metabolism and increases insulin levels in the blood.

As a result, your body can easily break down the carbs while ensuring you don’t gain excess calories. Also, when you take raw honey with warm water early morning, your body’s metabolism gets triggered, helping in weight loss. Follow Himalayan Natives on Instagram and Facebook to check what you can pair with raw honey to lose weight and detoxify yourself!

11. Acts as a Natural Humectant

Believe it or not, moisturization is one of the most prominent benefits of honey in ayurveda. It acts as a natural humectant or sukumara, penetrating deeper into the skin and hydrating the cells from within. That’s why Ayurvedic science often considers raw honey to be Sookshma marganusari.

It even traps moisture and allows the skin cells to retain it for the longest time. You can even apply honey to different hair and facial masks on the scalp or skin to stay moisturized.

12. Curbs Hunger and Treats Insomnia or Anidra 

Last but not least, most natural food brands ensure their raw honey is full of nutrients that can curb hunger pains and help you sleep comfortably at night. Besides, raw honey usually raises the blood insulin level and ensures your body can receive enough tryptophan.

This amino acid triggers the brain cells to release the nor endorphin — serotonin. It further calms the nerves and helps your brain relax, lulling you to sleep or nidra.


We hope this blog has enlightened you about Aryuvedic uses of honey in its raw form. From being the powerhouse of natural sweeteners to having some of the best phytonutrients, this superfood can be used raw or in other dishes.

Read our blog Raw honey vs Processed Honey to know more in  depth about why raw honey should be preferred.

Replace all you white sugar, brown sugar, processed honey with Raw honey by Himalayan Natives and prioritise your good health today.

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