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June 11, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Healthy Indian Snack

There are exactly two reasons for you to be here, reading this blog, either you are already a fan of trail mix because of all the nutritive value it possesses and in search of a perfect trail mix guide to make the most out of your hunger curbing snack or you are someone who is a going to be a fan of this super snack. Irrespective of both the scenarios, this blog will precisely help you to choose the right trail mix you should include in your daily healthy Indian snacks list.

Now, do you recall when everyone used to think trail mix was a healthy fat food? It's just nuts! This high in calorie snack is to be consumed while doing physical exercises like hiking and for activities where we do not have enough resources to eat well enough for meeting the nutritive value our body demands. But more often than not, trail mix is consumed in front of a computer, definitely not recommended, the nuts are covered in salt and sugar, and the fruit has been replaced by bits of chocolate. If you're still in the belief of counting every trail mix as a healthy one, you might want to look at some healthy trail mix options and certainly the right way to consume it for a healthy lifestyle.

As the name suggests trail mix is a snack with several mixes of ingredients. It can include dry fruits, nuts, granola, coconut, and sometimes chocolate, to create a super craving blend of sweet & salty mixture.

Wondering what a Healthy Indian Snack looks like?

Now, let us deep dive and get a clear picture of your yummy healthy Indian snack. This will help you choose the healthiest trail mix for your body. Also answering your doubts and questions on how and why your trail mix should contain a few crucial nutritive stuff too.

 Healthy Indian Snack

  1. Avoid coated nuts: Perhaps the first thing you want to cut out from your trail mix is coated nuts, although nuts are a great source of nutrition but ditch mixes that contain sugar- and salt-coated nuts. Roasted almonds are a great swap for coated nuts or almonds.
  2. Look for mixes with dry fruits, nuts & seeds: Remember to avoid candy, chocolate, and deep-fried crispy snacks, because they won’t be a healthy choice anymore. A snack mix of a few seeds, roasted almonds, and black raisins as a dry fruit is enough to provide your body with the required nutrition.
  3. Read into the content: Be mindful when choosing a trail mix, make sure there are no mention of any dessert references because it usually means lots of added sugar and we do not want that in our healthy snack, right?
  4. Mind the sodium: For flavored trail mixes that are aimed to be tangy, check the sodium content beforehand. Seasoning trail mixes can rely heavily on salt and other artificial additives to add flavor, and after two handfuls of consuming such mixes can take your daily consumption limits touching the roof.
  5. Tick right for all the health benefits if it is a healthy trail mix: An ideal trail mix is a powerhouse packed with valuable nutrients. A combination of rich healthy fat foods, beneficial plant compounds, protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and several vitamins and minerals. Just one tablespoon of this trail mix should provide you with the right amount of nutrients.
  • It should be high in fiber content which helps control appetite and gives a full stomach feeling for a longer time. 
  • It certainly should also help you in losing weight by preventing you from eating extra calories.
  • It should be rich in Omega 3 to help decrease the risk for thrombosis and arrhythmias that may lead to heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death. 
  • Must also contain some amounts of lignans which may help improve levels of HbA1C, a measure of the average blood sugar over three months. The antioxidants present are thought to protect against many heart diseases and also cancer. They may also help prevent cell-damaging, oxidative stress, & premature aging. 
  • Consume a trail mix regularly aids in reducing C-reactive protein levels enough to keep your heart strong, and healthy while reducing chronic inflammation

 healthy diet           

Trail mix works magic for warding off afternoon hunger, as long as you are having the right kind. Homemade trail mixes turn out to be better for you because the sugar content can be controlled. Many store-bought trail mixes are high in sugar and have a poor carbohydrate to protein ratio. 

Often, trail mix comes with any combination of dry fruits, nuts, seeds, and chocolate. Dried fruit contains a lot of fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium, and folate. It’s best for you without the added sugar found in a lot of packages or trail mix. Particularly for this reason and many more, a trail mix should consist of black raisins as they possess vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, polyphenols, and dietary fibers. They are a nutrient-dense, minimally processed food that has no artificial chemicals or preservatives and works as a natural sweetener in this healthy Indian snack. Nuts and seeds contain healthy fats and protein. Since nuts are so high in healthy fats, it’s still important to only eat about a handful at a time.

Summary- So, to conclude on how your trail mix should be is simple. It should have nuts, especially roasted almonds as they are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Seeds for more healthy fats, preferably roasted, raw & unsalted for that extra crunchy trait. Some options are roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, and roasted flax seeds. Black raisins for a dry fruit will work best with any trail mix because of the high sugar content in it, which helps boost your low blood sugar. Almost done with all the healthy stuff, but just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you can’t include a little fun! After all, it’s all about balance, so feel free to add in a handful of your favorite healthified add-ons such as dark chocolate or popcorn. Royal Trait Mix from Himalayan Natives is something you should give a try and add to your healthy lifestyle.

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