The History of Diwali & Essential Checklist

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October 21, 2022 | health-nutrition

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History of Diwali & Essential Checklist

The one festival that is talked about and celebrated in every corner of the world, Yes, Diwali, the festival of lights, togetherness,family, celebrations and love. So many of us across the world celebrate Diwali, but did you know that there are so many different reasons why we celebrate it?

Let’s take you through the story, and why we celebrate it:

The return of Lord Ram after the death of Ravana:

Lord Ram after the death of Ravana

It’s one of the most well known reasons for us to celebrate Diwali. After Ravana had abducted Lora Ram’s wife, Sita. Lord Ram with his brother Laxman, set foot outside Ayodhya on a rescue mission. Lord Ram defeated Ravana and all three returned to Ayodhya. On this news of homecoming, the entire city was lit with Diyas, rangolis, and sweets were distributed. This is the reason why today, we celebrate Diwali in the exact same way.

The death of Nakasur:

death of Nakasur

A dangerous demon named Nakasur had abducted 16000 females from palaces and kept them captive for a long time. Lord Krishna, one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu, killed Nakasura a day before Diwali. He later went on marrying all the 16000 females. This day was rejoiced with a big feast and decorations.

The birth of Laxmi Ji:

birth of Laxmi Ji

On Dhanteras, which is prior to the festival of Diwali. There was a dispute between the Sage Durvasa and Lod Indra. Angry by Lord Indra’s behaviour, he cursed that Amravati (Lord Indra’s kingdom) will see dark times. The demons invaded Amravati and defeated the gods. The gods then went to Lord Vishnu and he suggested churning the ocean. This little churning (symbolised as the tug of war between gods and demons ) is where Laxmi Ji emerged from the ocean of milk. She is carried out by the Devas into immortality. She then chooses Lord Vishnu as her consort. The Gods regained the power and defeated the demons. This is why we do Laxmi Puja during this time.

Bhagwan Mahavir’s Nirvana

Bhagwan Mahavir’s Nirvana

Jains also celebrate Diwali but for a particular reason which is apart from the other gods. Their 24th God, Mahavir, attained his enlightenment (nirvana) on the day of Diwali. For Jains, it is the Nirvana anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir for them. This is the story behind Diwali for Jains.

Kali Puja

Kali Puja

Kali is a famous representation of female power. She used this power to kill all the evils, and her thirst for blood increased ragingly. To stop her, Lord Shiva, laid down in front of her. It was at this moment, her tongue came out in the realization that she had laid her foot on Lord Shiva and her anger subsided. People worship Kali to bestow them with the strength to fight evil. It falls on the day of Deepavali. It is the biggest festival in the states of Bengal, Assam, Odisha, some parts of Maharashtra, etc.

End of the Harvest Season

End of the Harvest Season

Since India’s 45% of workforce is in agriculture, the end of the harvest season is a big time for celebration. This is why on the day of Diwali, farmers celebrate this as the end of harvesting their crops.

Did you know any of the above facts?

Did we cover the reason why your family celebrates Diwali?

Now that we have significantly covered the importance of Diwali and why we celebrate it, let’s move on to how to celebrate Diwali. Let’s create a Diwali Checklist so you and we, can finish the chores on time.

Let’s go step by step:

Step 1) Clean your House:

Clean your House

One of the most important and primary steps towards celebrating Diwali, is Diwali ki safai. It is much more than just the daily sweeping with a broom and water. People all over the country celebrating Diwali know the first step, which is deep cleaning. From cleaning the smallest drawers under the television to cleaning the cabinets over the wardrobes. Every inch and corner of the house is swept and wiped to make it shine.

The mothers of the house often go zoo-zoo during this time, as they have so much to clean, and so little time. This is why everyone has to help. If you thought you could enjoy your Diwali vacation, you were absolutely daydreaming. It is time for Diwali ki safai and no one is taking a vacation from that. See our Instagram Post to have a little laugh.

Step 2) Diwali gift for friends and family: 

Diwali gift

No one who visits your house during this time, should leave empty handed. This is why you need to have Diwali gifts for everyone. Be it, house helpers or family members, everyone deserves a gift for being with you during the tough times and the happy ones. To save you from the trouble of thinking about what’s the best gift to give, we have the perfect gift boxes for your loved ones. Himalayan Natives Festive Gift Boxes are the healthiest gift option. We have a range of options to choose from.

In times of deteriorating health because of a plethora of reasons, choose the healthiest options to gift your loved ones. Nothing is better than the gift of good health.

Step 3) Decorating the House:


Decorating the House

This step not only makes the house prettier but also the family bond stronger. It’s an amazing family activity to do together, that brings people closer together.

  • Start by putting up the fairy lights on your balcony, in your windows, on the outer walls of your house, on top of the plants, and on any other area required.

  • Do not forget the diyas. Diyas are the most essential of all the decorations we do. As it lightens up the entire house with positivity. Place diyas in every nook and corner of the house. No house should be diya-less on the day of Diwali. Always use Natural Cow Ghee for diyas to be well lit.

  • The OG Shubh Labh and footprint stickers are required to be pasted on both sides of the entrance door.

  • Create a beautiful rangoli, outside the entrance of the house. From simple ones to more intricate big designs, there are various designs available on the internet.

Step 4) Diwali Pooja: 

Diwali Pooja

Many people do Laxmi pooja during this time. Laxmi Ji is considered the goddess of wealth which is why people pray for their prosperity and a good financial coming year. Let us tell you how to do Laxmi puja:

  • Sprinkle Gangajal in all the corners of the house. This will ensure the purification of the house.

  • Create a platform with a 7 -10 inch table. Spread a cloth (usually red in colour).

  • Take a fist of grain and spread it in between the platform.

  • Put a kalash, filled with 75% water, in between and put 1 supari, 1 marigold flower, and 1 coin near it. Decorate the neck of the kalash with 5 banana leaves.

  • On both sides of the kalash, place the idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh. You can always add marigold decorations around the idols.

  • Now on a plate, place a diya, some flowers, and kumkum.

  • Recite the arti and follow up with kumkum tikka on all family members.

Step 5) It’s Mithai Time:


Did you think we would forget this step? Absolutely not. Diwali becomes even sweeter with Diwali special recipes. Read our blog Quick & Healthy Diwali Sweet Recipes to get that spatula stirring. Sweets are the most essential part of this festive season, but remember to use healthy and natural products so that you and your family can enjoy the sweet time without any health issues hindrance.

Step 6) Say No to Crackers:


Though crackers are infamous for their lighting and pleasant visuals, it is no surprise that they come in with more cons than pros. The several reasons why you should pledge to say no to crackers:

  • Smogs the environment and pollution increase 20% more because of it

  • The increase in the no. of fire accidents puts us all in jeopardy.

  • Dogs, humans' best friends, are more scared of crackers. They fear for their life.

  • Most of the firecracker manufacturers, use children below the age of 15 for their production of crackers which we need to take action against.

  • The loud noises not only harm dogs but also affects pregnant women. The ringing in the ear might last up to 24 hours.

  • Birds lose their life because of the crackers bursting in the air.

Step 7) Shopping Time:

Shopping Time

In these days, most people tend to wear new clothes, use new account books, buy new utensils, a few furniture, etc. Some people also make big investments, such as buying gold jewellery, new houses, new cars, new offices, etc. as the sanctity of this day is of great importance. So don’t forget to make an entire shopping wishlist and start splurging. Add Premium Quality Dry Fruits for all the guests that are going to be visiting your house during the festive season. They will be impressed, we are sure ;)

So now you know all about the festival of lights. From the history of Diwali, to how we should celebrate it. This vivid festival is one of the largest festivals in our country which is why we want to ensure that you and your family are safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q- How can we celebrate Diwali sustainably?

Answer- For a sustainable Diwali, You can always use natural rangoli colours instead of chemically produced ones. Instead of plastic wrapping papers, you can use paper wrapping papers to wrap your Diwali gifts in. Decorate your house with green leaves instead of plastic flower decorations.

Q - What are the precautions for Diwali?

Answer- Ensure that all the diyas you lit are away from any inflammatory products or clothes. Stay away from crackers. Eat sweet dishes in moderation.

Q- How do I celebrate Diwali?

Answer- Start with deep cleaning your entire house. Buy new clothes for all the members living in the house. Do not forget Diwali gifts for your friends and family. Decorate the house with lights, rangoli, and diyas. Make Diwali special sweet dishes. Always shop for natural food products during Diwali. Visit our website Himalayan Natives to shop for the best natural food products online.

We hope to have satisfied all your curiosity regarding Diwali. Diwali being attached to various mythologies from different cultures, the purpose remains the same in all, the victory of light over darkness and good over bad.

We all go through some misunderstandings and quarrels with our loved ones over time, but our culture gives us a reset button in the form of a vivid festival like Diwali. Let’s take this day to bury the hatchet and start with good deeds, and let good prevail over bad.

May this luminous festival bring you good health, wealth, and prosperity. Himalayan Natives wishes you a very happy and safe Diwali.


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