Masoor Dal: A Tasty And Healthy Lentil

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February 23, 2022 | health-nutrition

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Benefits Of Masoor Dal

Masoor dal also known as red lentils is a protein-rich superfood that helps in fulfilling the nutritional requirement of our body. Masoor dal is cultivated during warm and tropical temperatures and is generally of two types. One kind of masoor dal is dark brown in color and doesn’t have its skin removed whereas the other kind is the skinless masoor dal which is red in color and has its skin removed. 

Skinless masoor dal is what we offer at Himalayan Natives which is easy to prepare and doesn’t require prior soaking. Masoor dal is widely used for cooking and is mostly consumed with rice and chapati. It provides a healthy amount of plant-based protein to our bodies. The aroma of freshly cooked dal and its warmth will always leave you craving for more.

masoor dal protein

Nutrition in 100 gm of Masoor dal:

  • Protein: 25.8 (g)
  • Carbohydrates: 60.1(g)
  • Fibres, total dietary: 30.5 (g)
  • Sugar: 2 (g)
  • Energy: 1,477 (kilo Joules)
  • Iron: 7.5 (mg)

Because of the variety of nutrients present in masoor dal, it is considered to be very therapeutic for the body. This dal can be cooked in a jiffy and one bowl of masoor dal is enough to keep you full and provide your body with the energy it needs. It can be the perfect go-to option whenever you want to prepare a meal that is satisfying as well as healthy. 

Health Benefits of Masoor Dal

These are some of the health benefits of masoor dal that are essential for living a healthy and prosperous life.

• Can help in maintaining the sugar levels:

Masoor dal contains a high amount of carbohydrates and fiber which can help in stabilizing the sugar levels of diabetic people as well as prevent the sudden rise in sugar levels.

• Considered good for heart’s health:

Masoor dal contains a high amount of dietary fiber which is required for our body to prevent any cardiovascular diseases. It can also help get rid of high cholesterol levels in the body and keep the heart healthy.

• Can help in weight loss:

The high fiber content in masoor dal keeps you full and helps to control the overall weight of the body. Masoor dal helps in regular bowel movements and provides you with an ample amount of power throughout the day-saving you from unhealthy eating.

• Promotes good skin:

The antioxidants present in masoor dal protect the skin from damage such as wrinkles, shedding off dead skin, and enabling the production of red blood cells. Daily consumption of masoor dal can help to achieve glowing and radiating skin.

• Helps to maintain good eyesight:

Masoor dal contains Vitamins such as A, C, and E which can help in achieving a healthy vision. It can also protect the eyes from defects, cataracts, and muscle degeneration.

• Can be used as a nourishment for bones and teeth:

During the early stages of growth, it is extremely essential for children to have a power-packed meal and include food in their diet that provides nourishment to their bodies. Masoor dal contains magnesium and calcium which can help in the proper nourishment of the body for adults as well as children. 

• Promotes better gut health:

Masoor dal can help with regular bowel movements and protect the body from any digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, and stomach ulcer. It also provides the digestive system with dietary fibers required to function in a better way and protect us from any digestive ailments.

masoor dal benefits

Learn 4 Different ways to cook masoor dal for your family here and add a little twist to your regular dal preparation.

Masoor dal is a powerhouse of nutrients that provides you with daily protein requirements for your body. It can be used to make paratha, chaat, or can also be consumed as a soup. You can experiment with it in various ways. 

Masoor dal contains a diverse amount of nutrients required for our body to keep us fit and healthy. Consuming it regularly will definitely help our body to function in a better way and keep it away from diseases. The health benefits of masoor dal aren’t the only reason it is considered the staple food of India. Its quick-cooking properties and versatile uses in various dishes, both sweet and savory, make it a popular choice amongst us.

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