Quick Ways to Check the Purity of Ghee & Honey at Home

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February 24, 2023 | wellness

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Quick Ways to Check the Purity of Ghee & Honey at Home

Eating healthy has become a habit instead of an option or a lifestyle change. People want to stay healthy, consume nutritious food, and eliminate the risks of developing chronic or fatal health problems.

Studies have shown that honey and Ghee are the two most essential elements that should be there in the Indian diet.

Honey is considered an alternative to sugar, whereas desi or Bilona Ghee is the alternative to butter/oil. Both can be derived naturally, which is one of the main reasons for including them in our diet.

However, there is no point in including adulterated food products in your diet as processed impure elements are nowhere good for your health.

This is why we are motivated on informing our readers about the various processes through which checking the purity of Ghee and honey won’t be a problem anymore.

Why should you check the purity of Ghee and honey before consuming?


People always assume that all the products on some of the top shelves of supermarkets are always pure and best for their health. However, studies have shown that this is not the case at all.

Several products cannot stand the honey or ghee purity test because they are processed, have artificial sweeteners and flavors added, and have harmful chemicals that are not at all helpful to the body.

This is why we should take these tests at home to avoid further problems. Here is a list of why the purity test has become so important.

  1. With the help of the purity test, we can easily decide whether it’s the best quality ghee in India. We always encourage our buyers to test Ghee and honey at home so that they can understand the quality of the products.

  1. We can check if any chemical additive is fatal or harmful to our health. For example, arsenic or lead is often mixed with honey, which can cause poisoning. Similarly, Ghee often has Dalda, which is also not at all health helpful for health.

  2. Once you know how to check ghee/honey purity at home, it will become easier for us to check whether the label is accurate. In other words, we can know the chemicals or ingredients mentioned on the label are present in the Ghee or honey.

  1. When you want pure, and the best cow ghee and natural honey checking the purity will help you decide if the source is reliable. 

Our range of Desi Ghee will stand the purity checks and let's see how you can do the same.

How to check the purity of Ghee at home?

Ghee in a Jar

Not only science, but even Aryuveda promises some great benefits regarding Desi Cow Ghee. If you want to know more in-depth about the same, then read our blog Aryuvedic Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee. As only Natural and Shudh food products help you keep a healthy heart.

To know how pure your Ghee is, you should understand the ways through which the purity can be checked. In the below section, we have described some of the best ways to check the purity of Ghee at your home without professional help.

  1. First, take a teaspoon of the Ghee and place it in a see-through bottle. The bottle needs to have transparent composition through which you can see what you are pouring inside. 

Now you must add a small amount of sugar and close the bottle. Once done, shake it vigorously and allow the mixture of the sugar and Ghee testing to stand for approximately 8 minutes.

After this, you will see that the color of the mixture at the base might change. If it changes to red, it means the Ghee has vegetable oils which are not allowable for your health.

Vegetable oils are harmful to the heart because they contain multiple poly saturated fatty acids that increase the overall LDL cholesterol levels.

  1. Another way to check the purity of the best Ghee to buy is by melting one tablespoon of the product in a regular jar. After this, pour that one tablespoon of Ghee into a glass jar and leave it in your refrigerator for half an hour.

    Once the Ghee has condensed, take it out of the refrigerator and check if multiple layers have formed. Usually, when Ghee has various others vegetable oils, the layers separate on condensation, proving that the product is not pure.

  2. When you want to buy the cow ghee original, add iodine to a small amount of the product in a glass jar. The solution shouldn't turn violet or purple because any color change will indicate starch's presence. Original cow ghee will never contain any starch, regardless of the cow species.

  1. When you buy cow ghee online, some of the best ways to check its purity is by ensuring the source is 100% grass-fed cow and there is a patent on the product for proving the absence of any chemical additive or artificial flavor. This helps in the detection of vanaspati in ghee.

  2. Also, pure cow ghee is usually yellowish-golden with a creamy and smooth texture. It has a nutty flavor octane due to the clarified butter. Even if you preserve the Ghee at regular temperature, it shouldn't solidify. It is the best ghee testing procedure.

How to check the purity of honey?

Raw Honey

Just like you have learned how to check the purity of desi Ghee, you must know how to check honey's purity. This way, you can easily replace your sugar consumption with organic and natural sweeteners having elements that will add more nutrition to your diet instead of harmful substances.

Here are some of the ways through which honey can be tested for its purity.

  1. The first method of checking the purity of honey is through a honeycomb test. For this, pour the honey into a glass bowl through which you can see everything and add water.

    Once done, swirl it in a clockwise direction. Pure honey should always form a hexagonal structure that represents a honeycomb. When you choose the top ghee brands in India selling honey, using this method is quite helpful.

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  1. Pure honey has a cloudy appearance without any shine or gloss. Once you smell it, you can feel the scent hitting your olfactory lobes with full force.

    This is because honey is nothing but transformed nectar that bees collect from the flowers. Impure honey usually has a shine and smells like sugar syrup.

  2. You should remember that the smell and texture of the honey you buy will vary according to its source. For example, acacia honey has a bitter scent, but eucalyptus honey has a more sweetened smell.

    It is entirely because of the flowers from where nectar is collected and the bee species involved in making that honey. 

We hope to have clarified a lot of questions and tips regarding the purity checks of ghee and honey. In this world full of artificiality, let your food be 100% Natural and that’s exactly what Himalayan Natives work towards. Our only aim is to provide you with the best & premium quality products that are safe and shudh.

So no need to go to any fancy laboratory or do complex checks to test the purity of your products. With this blog, do simple experiments and be more equipped with reading and understanding labels.

For more such information and to explore 100% Natural food products visit our website.

Hope you have a happy experience. Keep following us for more information that is going to help you maintain a happy & healthy heart.

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