Vegan-Friendly Sweetener: Jaggery Powder

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February 08, 2022 | wellness

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Benefits Of Jaggery Powder

A lot is said about veganism today. Some people are outright dismissive of it, some are open to trying it but struggle with giving up certain products like dairy, and some are well on their way to being pros at the vegan way of life. If you belong to the last two categories, we’re sure this article will help and if you’re a part of the first—we hope it’s informative nonetheless. Veganism is the diet wherein you give up all animal products including dairy, non-vegetarian food, and even honey. Jaggery is an excellent replacement for honey.  for this. Jaggery is chock-full of nutrients and can contribute towards a nutritionists holistic diet. 

Jaggery Powder is a Nutritious Plant-Based Sweetener

Jaggery or ‘gur’  is obtained by a natural method of extracting sucrose from sugar cane or palm. Using this method, jaggery retains its molasses content owing to which it is far more nutritious than white or even brown sugar. Jaggery powder contains iron, calcium, zinc, & vitamin B and doesn’t fall under the category of ‘empty calories’ as white sugar does. This is especially important for vegans who are looking for a healthy sweetener but don’t wish to turn to honey. 

Jaggery Powder

Jaggery Powder is an Excellent Source of Iron 

Veganism is often vilified by advocates of a more traditional diet and one of those reasons is the claim that you’ll receive inadequate nutrition by going vegan. Iron deficiencies are an especially potent risk of a vegan diet. Foods like jaggery powder can ease this concern because they’re rich in iron and can ensure that you get your daily recommended amount. You can simply add it to teas, dahi, or any other recipe that would’ve originally required sugar.

Jaggery Powder

Jaggery Powder is rich in Vitamin B

The list of benefits of jaggery is a long one but its Vitamin B content is of special interest to vegans. Vegans run the risk of a serious Vitamin B deficiency because it's primarily found in animal foods. Vitamin B12 is required for the formation of red blood cells, neurons, DNA, and a lack of it in your bloodstream could be severely detrimental to health. Jaggery powder could act as a supplement to alleviate this issue.

Jaggery Powder is rich in Vitamin B

Jaggery Powder Contains Zinc 

Vegan and vegetarian diets are prone to zinc deficiency. Phytic acid is a substance that is found in plant based foods. This acid is the primary way in which phosphorus is stored in many plants, including beans, nuts, and, seeds. Excessive amounts of this acid can impair the body's ability to absorb zinc. Given this potential issue with zinc absorption, it is generally recommended by nutrition that vegans and vegetarians should increase their intake of Zinc by up to 50 percent of the recommended daily requirement to ensure optimal levels. Thus, switching over to jaggery could be particularly beneficial for a plant-based lifestyle.

Jaggery Powder

Your Calorie Count may be low. Try Jaggery Powder

Many foods and dietary groups are off-limits to vegans, making it difficult for them to meet their calorie requirements. Vegans and vegetarians consume fewer calories than persons who consume both animal products and plants. The calorie and nutrient-dense wholesomeness of jaggery can help vegans meet their daily requirements naturally. 

Jaggery Powder

Plant-Based Sources of Calcium are Rare—Jaggery is One

Calcium is an essential mineral for your bone and teeth health, and it’s found in many natural materials. However, the most popular of them is dairy and its products which makes it difficult for vegans to reach their nutritional requirements. Here’s where jaggery comes in. The benefit of jaggery is that it’s a low-effort way to incorporate calcium in your diet without any habit-forming requirements like supplements or acquired tastes like soy. 


Firstly, kudos to you for trying to learn more about veganism. It’s an incredibly disciplined and environmentally conscious way of life and we at Himalayan Natives wish to aid you in your journey any way we can. Our products are 100% vegetarian and the vast majority of them are vegan-friendly. Do ensure that you take into consideration the different dietarypitfalls of veganism like inadequate calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc so you can sufficiently mitigate them. Other plant-based foods rich in these nutrients are chia seeds, dry fruits and raisins, and pulses. Do check out our Instagram for a bite-sized lesson on the benefits of jaggery. Additionally, you can find some great jaggery recipes on our blog. Note: you can use our coconut oil instead of ghee to make it vegan! 

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