Pink Salt Benefits That Can Make Your Life Better

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February 08, 2022 | wellness

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Pink Salt Benefits

Pink salt. You might have used it, read about it, or have no clue about it. But one thing is true regardless—it can help you. Himalayan pink salt, also known as Himalayan rock salt, is mined directly from salt rock crystals found in the Himalayan region. It has a pink color due to the presence of iron oxides and other trace minerals. Unlike refined harvested sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or Himalayan rock salt does not undergo any bleaching or chemical processing and is, therefore, more mineral-dense than regular salt. The Himalayan pink salt class is distinguished by the presence of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and, obviously, sodium. Naturally, this nutrient rich salt will have many health benefits and we aim to inform you of all of them.

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Helps Improve Respiratory Diseases 

Himalayan pink salt contains up to 84 minerals in trace quantities and it has been used in the treatment of many respiratory diseases and even common colds & chest congestions. The treatment, called salt therapy, involves inhaling salt-rich air. When this salty air is inhaled, the particles travel through the entire respiratory system, and the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of salt clean their lungs and sinuses.

Himalayan pink salt

Can Balance Your Body’s pH

One of the most prominent health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt is that it helps balance your body’s pH levels, that is, it maintains the alkalinity vs. acidity balance in your body. Sole water is an excellent way of reaping this benefit. Simply make a concentration of ¼ part pink salt and ¾ part water. Let it sit overnight. When completely dissolved, add one spoonful of this to one full glass of water and store the rest. This is known as sole water, and drinking this concoction every morning helps to maintain pH levels and flush out toxins.

Balance Your Body’s pH

Dull-looking skin? Turn to Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is a wonderful way to improve the quality of your skin by aiding hydration, rejuvenation, and overall health through dermal absorption of minerals. For example, chromium helps prevent acne, zinc helps reduce scarring, and sulfur keeps your skin smooth. The magnesium in Himalayan salt can aid in the relief of strained muscles and soft tissues. Simply adding some pink salt to your warm bath water could lead to a luxurious experience and give your skin a nourished, supple look. 

Himalayan Pink Salt

Known to Regulate Blood Sugar

A daily dose of Himalayan pink salt can help the body's fluids flow properly. A healthy mineral and hormone balance can help you improve your insulin sensitivity and avoid blood sugar spikes. For anyone who struggles with blood sugar problems, pink salt may be a good alternative to normal salt due to the fact that it may have lower sodium per teaspoon and a mineral-rich composition. For short nuggets of health wisdom, check out our Instagram post

 Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan Pink Salt Can Help with Bloating

Himalayan Pink Salt is known for regulating hormones and preventing weight gain causing lifestyle problems. Additionally, the lower sodium content could aid with preventing excessive water retention and bloating. 

Himalayan Pink Salt Can Help with Bloating

Himalayan Salt Lamps are Natural Air Purifiers

Interestingly, Himalayan Salt Lamps have benefits beyond just being pretty. They draw moisture from the air, and the water evaporates quickly owing to the warmth on the surface. Evaporation produces negative ions, which react with and neutralize pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and allergens that have a positive charge. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Pink Salt is so much more than a trend, and it has health benefits that you could effortlessly gain by swapping your current salt with it. You could ingest it directly in your cooking with fine ground pink salt, or use it for seasoning on your salads, bread, and even cake! 

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