Cow Ghee Benefits: What No One Is Talking About

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January 28, 2022 | wellness

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Cow Ghee Benefits

Ghee is a mother’s best friend in the kitchen. It can be used for cooking, seasoning, frying, flavoring, preparing medicines, and more. Most of us have grown up listening to the wonderful benefits of pure ghee.  I recently discovered many benefits of cow ghee that are not very commonly used. 

Keeps You Warm From Within:

Did you know that desi cow ghee generates a lot of heat in the body and naturally keeps the body warm? This is one of the reasons why it is so largely adored in most of the Indian winter dessert preparations like moong dal ka halwa, til ke laddoo, gajar ka halwa, panjeeri, etc. It is quite ironic that the ghee which freezes during winters actually warms up your body. This is one of the cow ghee benefits which is seldom talked about.

Keeps Constipation Away:

People suffering from constipation try various medications to get relief but did you know that this common kitchen ingredient can do wonders to your gut health. Pure Ghee is packed with butyric acid. This acid is known to improve metabolism and regulate bowel movements. Ghee also cleanses the enzymes in our body. Since it is a concoction, it improves intestinal health, clears off the wastes, and thus helps to get relief from constipation. One to two tablespoons of desi cow ghee in a glass of hot milk gently relieves constipation and helps in getting proper sleep.

Nourishes Your Skin: 

Ghee is a natural elixir for the skin. I recently found out about this benefit of pure ghee. Did you know that desi cow ghee nourishes the skin making it healthy and glowing? It also has many anti-aging benefits and also improves the complexion. No wonder our grandmothers had such lovely skin with minimal skin issues unlike all of us. You can read more about the benefits of ghee for skin here.

Helps Unclog Your Nose:

Nobody appreciates a clogged nose. It can make anyone uncomfortable and makes breathing difficult. Have you heard of this Ayurvedic remedy for cold? This age-old effective method is known as Nasya Treatment – it involves pouring a few drops of warm organic cow ghee into your nostrils preferably in the morning. Doing this can help provide you with instant relief. The pure ghee travels all the way through your nasal passage and cures the infection. The key is to use only desi cow ghee which is warmed just to the right lukewarm temperature.

Makes hair strong and shiny:

Who doesn’t want long and shiny hair? We spend thousands of rupees buying hair care products but we never pay attention to this goldmine of nutrition for our hair. Did you know that pure cow ghee has multiple benefits for the hair? From strengthening, to detangling, conditioning, hydrating, fighting dandruff, repairing split ends, and many more, pure ghee does it all. To learn all about how to use ghee for healthy and lustrous hair read our blog about the benefits of ghee for hair and make the most out of its goodness.

Treats menstrual problems:

Cow ghee tends to balance the hormones in the body. It also nourishes the uterine muscles, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries. This makes it an ideal food to relieve menstrual issues like period cramps, PMS, and irregular periods. According to the renowned dietician Rujuta Diwekar, one teaspoon of pure ghee when paired with each meal can help reduce the incidence of period-related cramps and nausea.

Treats burns:

Over the centuries, Ayurveda has documented the healing properties of pure ghee. It can beautifully heal minor scalds and burns without too much scarring. Just apply it to the affected area. Desi cow ghee also gives a cooling effect on the skin. 

These are some cow ghee benefits that no one talks about but are extremely effective and beneficial. So next time you have to deal with any of these just go to your kitchen counter and use some pure ghee!

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