All About Christmas: Essential Checklist, Gift Options & More!

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December 07, 2022 | wellness

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Christmas Gift  Checklist

The lights, the socks, the baked cookies, the tree, the presents,  ho ho ho, everything so joyous and happy. Yes, the season of Christmas is here. Have you made any existing plans for this Christmas?  Do you want to celebrate a healthy Christmas? Or looking for gift options for your friends and family? Or want to know more about the history of Christmas? You’re at the right place.

Let’s begin the chapter ‘All About Christmas’

The History Behind Christmas Day:

Christmas Day

The Christmas day celebration arises from the pagan and Roman cultures. The Romans celebration of 25th December was the birth of Mithra, their sun god. Pagans celebrated the darkest days of winter by lighting up candles to pave the way for lightness into the darkness. Christians chose the same day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The name Christmas was in reference to Christ-Mass, A mass following Christ. After sometime, it got shortened and became Christmas. This particular celebration takes place after sunset and before the sunrise of the next day.

All the holidays around this date, be it the Pagans' Saturnalia festival of lightness after the longest night, Yule of Germans, or Jewish Chanukah, is celebrated with the exchange of gifts, decorations of trees, and setting up of lights.

The meaning behind elements used in Christmas are: 

  • Trees: A symbol of evergreen and eternal life 

  • Candles: The light through the darkness 

  • Red: Depicts the blood of Christ’s death

  • Gifts: As the gift of God, Jesus, were given to this world 

  • Bells: The element of news, the good news of baby Jesus’s birth

  • Mistletoe: enmity broken and friendship restored

How to celebrate & Essential Checklist for Christmas?

Essential Checklist for Christmas

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Christmas if it is your first time celebrating it.

Step 1) Buying a Christmas Tree: Setting up a Christmas tree is one of the most important elements of celebrating this festival. No place will have the Christmas feel without a tree. You have the option to choose between a live tree or an artificial one. To choose a perfect live tree.


  • Grab one of the branches with your thumb and fingers and pull it towards you. If a lot of needles are falling off then that tree is already near its pass time.

  • Squish the needles between your fingers. If they don’t have any smell then that tree is not to be brought home.

  • Hold the tree a few inches above the ground and drop it. If a lot of exterior needles fall off then that tree is not to be bought. However, the falling of the interior needle is fine.

  • Your tree should fit your stand. Cutting the diameter of even trimming will make the absorb water which will then become a problem.

Step 2) The fun time of decoration: One of the most enjoyed family activities that bring everyone close and ensure a fun time. There are ample amounts of decorating items that can be bought to do the same.

  • Ornaments: they make a great decoration piece. They can be from family heirlooms, homemade, store bought, or any piece of visually appealing item to be decorated with.

  • Garlands: throw silver or red coloured garlands across the tree, and it will add that perfect sparkle to your tree.

  • Christmas gift: Ensure you store plenty of the same gift wrapping paper and wrap all your gifts with it. Distribute it unevenly around the tree to finish the look.

Step 3) Christmas Gift Box: One of the main elements is the Christmas gifts for your friends and family. It’s a tradition to exchange holiday gift boxes. This is mainly done a week or a month before the festival. To save you from any misery of scratching your head on what to gift your loved ones to make this a perfect healthy Christmas, explore Himalayan Natives Premium Festive Gift Boxes.

We have 4 carefully crafted and put together gift boxes, that ensure the healthy heart of your loved ones. What’s better than gifting the gift of health?

Step 4)  Hang lights and stockings: put a wish in the socks and hang it over around the fireplace or any place near your tree if you do not have a fireplace. This is a great activity for the kids to write their secret wishes and hang them while the parents can become the secret Santa for the kids and fulfil those wishes.

Lightening up your house with Christmas lights really brings out the sparkle of the festivity. This is mainly done on the circumference of the house and the outer portion of the house.

Step 5) A list of Christmas songs and movies: You can host a karaoke night with everyone. This is such a fun event, filled with laughter, sheer happiness, and also some bad notes and voices if they cannot sing.

Watching Christmas movies together is the most perfect way to end this day, cozied up in your favourite blankets, munching on healthy snack options such as our Royal Trail Mix, combined with a hot beverage. 

To follow the above ways of celebrating Christmas, let’s move on to the ultimate Christmas checklist to be done before a week: 

Christmas checklist

  • Cleaning: Ensure you have cleaned the entire house just like people do in Diwali ki safai. 

  • Recipes: Make it a healthy Christmas by trying out delicious healthy recipes. You may use pumpkin seeds for your dishes, as they hold high nutritional value. Read our Instagram Post to know more ways to incorporate pumpkin seeds into your recipes. 

  • Grocery List: Prepare a grocery list weeks before Christmas and stock up on all the essentials so there is no end moment hassle. 

  • Shopping: Don’t forget to shop for your red and green sweaters. You could also customize similar ones for your entire family. 

  • Gift Wrapping Paper: Keep abundance in stock as you don’t know when would you need them in emergency situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1) What is a Christmas bucket list?

A) To set up a Christmas tree, be grateful for the achievements and failures you faced this year, and ensure your friends and family have a good time celebrating the festival.

Q2) What do you need for Christmas food?

A) Stick to vegetarian recipes this Christmas. Read our blog to know Quick & Healthy Festive Season Recipes to ensure you enjoy the festival guilt free.

Q3) How can I make Christmas Eve more fun?

A) Incorporate a lot of games for Christmas eve. Not only it creates happiness but also bonds the family members together.

We hope you loved this blog and are all set and looking forward to celebrating a healthy Christmas with your friends and families.

Don’t forget that Christmas is all about burying the hatchet and restoring relationships. Call the friend you haven’t talked to in a while because of some miscommunication, and mend that friendship again. Hug your parents and say I love you if you haven’t in a while. Don’t forget to treat yourself with kindness too.

Do visit our website to fill up your kitchen with 100% natural food products for the holidays.

Himalayan Natives wishes you & your family a Merry Christmas :)

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