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Basmati rice is long-grain rice that is characterized by a light nutty flavor and a floral aroma. This variety of rice is used in Biryani, Pulao, and also with any sort of curry.

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Himalayan Natives' Basmati Rice is 100% natural, sodium-free and pure, and is one of the best basmati rice.


  • Aids in Digestion - Basmati rice is a soluble fiber that helps cure indigestion.

  • Great Calorific Content - Basmati Rice is a distinguished power food supplement as it is a reliable source of instantaneous strength.

  • Rich Source of Vitamins - Basmati rice is a great source of vitamins that have niacin and thiamine.


  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

    Vansha Mahajan
     7 months ago

    Its a great product !

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

     3 months ago

    Please get this back in stock as soon as possible. My husband loves having the biryani made with this.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

     3 months ago

    Using this rice for the last 1 year and I can confidently say that there is nothing close to the quality of this rice in the market.

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

     3 months ago

    Product is better than my definitely makes the food tastier

  • Himalayan Natives User Placeholder

     3 months ago

    Superior quality and taste. It is the best to make biryani or pulao.

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