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Yak milk also has a greater content of total casein and is rich in CLA  producing nothing but pure ghee.  


  • Muscle Growth - Muscles are broken down and repaired with almost every physical activity. Thus, they need a sustained source of protein. Yak ghee is pure ghee that contains a significantly higher amount of protein and is ideal for maintaining muscle health.

  • Makes Bones Strong – Bones reform constantly and take around 10 years to get renewed altogether. This process requires a rich source of calcium which can be found in Yak ghee.

  • Burns Body Fat – The biggest benefit of CLA found in Yak ghee, lies in its fat-fighting properties. CLA in pure ghee enables the body to burn fat faster by increasing its oxygen consumption and making it spend energy faster.

  • Good Heart Health – Pure yak ghee contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation in the body and reduce triglycerides, both of which when in excess, can cause heart diseases and strokes.