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100% Natural Himalayan Yak Ghee (500 gm)

Weight: 300ml

Weight: 200 ml, 500 ml
Made from the milk of healthy Himalayan Yaks that graze freely on the mineral-rich Himalayan grass, herbs, and medicinal plants, our 100% Natural Himalayan Yak Ghee is a rich source of protein and healthy fats your body needs. Yak milk also has a greater content of total casein, and is rich in CLA.   

  • not foundMade using traditional methods
  • not foundAuthentic flavor and aroma
  • not foundGranular texture
  • not foundNo added colors or preservatives


  • Muscle Growth- Muscles are broken down and repaired with almost every physical activity. Thus, they need a sustained source of protein. Yak ghee contains a significantly higher amount of protein, and is ideal for maintaining muscle health.
  • Makes Bones Strong – Bones reform constantly and take around 10 years to get renewed altogether. This requires a rich source of calcium which can be found in Yak ghee.
  • Burns Body Fat – The biggest benefit of CLA, found in Ghee, lies in its fat-fighting properties. It enables the body to burn fat faster by increasing its oxygen consumption and making it spend energy faster.
  • Good Heart Health – Ghee contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help reduce Inflammation in the body and reduce triglycerides, both of which, when in excess, can cause heart diseases and strokes.


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