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Why Himalayan Pink Salt Is Trending Among Millennials?

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For millennials, food isn’t just about satisfying their hunger or tastebuds. Instead, it is the what and how of food is a lifestyle for them, and at many times becomes a trendsetter in the food industry.

Avocado toast, oat milk lattes, green smoothies, sauteed broccoli, pancakes, keto coffee, citrus smoothie, and more – if you haven’t tried it, you definitely must have come across it on Instagram and other social media platforms. Whether you’re a millennial yourself or not, it’s difficult to deny that this generation is changing the way of consuming and perceiving food. The millennials of today are talking about eating guilt-free and that includes consuming food that is natural, organic, locally sourced, and sometimes even vegan and gluten-free. 

The millennial generation is always in search of ingredients that are healthy and natural for preparing their meals. They tend to opt for natural ingredients like pure ghee over processed-butter, raw honey over pasteurized honey, pink salt over regular table salt, and more. 

Salt forms an important part of our daily diet and is consumed regularly not just because it elevates the taste but for various health reasons as well. Our body requires salt content for maintaining the balance of the fluid levels and proper functioning of nerves and muscles. It is the work of the human body to regulate the amount of sodium it contains. If the sodium content is very high, people tend to feel thirsty and end up drinking a large amount of water which leads the kidneys to speed-up the process of getting rid of it. Although, the consumption of sodium in excessive amounts may lead to the formation of kidney stones, high blood pressure, and various cardiovascular diseases. On the contrary, less amount of salt intake may lead to hyponatremia, symptoms of dizziness, confusion, muscle twitches, and seizures.

The millennials of today are making a conscious decision regarding the type of salt they use for their daily intake, like iodized or non-iodized salt. They are more aware of the benefits and harmful effects of ingredients, and therefore, have started opting for Himalayan pink salt over regular salt. Himalayan Pink Salt is also filled with sodium chloride but it is unrefined, naturally harvested, and has rich mineral content, unlike regular salt which undergoes intense refining for the extraction of impurities and other minerals.

In the recent past, pink salt has been used as a gourmet cooking salt by top chefs for preparing delicious dishes. Using pink salt imparts an amazing pinkish tinge and adds a different texture to food which ultimately brings about an interesting twist to the dishes. Himalayan pink salt can be extensively used as an ingredient in grilling, cooking, roasting, and seasoning foods.

The Himalayan salt crystals are loaded with certain types of minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium that make it healthy for consumption. It consists of numerous other trace minerals and natural elements.

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Mentioned below are some remarkable reasons as to why the millennials prefer Himalayan pink salt over regular salt:

Removes toxins from the body

Consumption of sole water, a mixture of pink salt and water, involves several health benefits. To make sole water, thoroughly mix ¼ th of Himalayan pink salt in a jug full of water, cover it with a lid, and let it sit overnight. The salt will completely dissolve in the water by morning. If there are any traces of salt at the bottom of the jug, it indicates that the water has completely absorbed all the salt and is now saturated. Now, take 1 teaspoon of sole water in a glass of regular water, mix thoroughly, and have it every morning. The intake of this water helps balance the pH levels in the body, eradicate unwanted and harmful toxins, boost your energy, and allow you to stay hydrated throughout the day. The negatively charged ions and trace minerals in pure salt enter into the cells and bring out the toxins from them, thereby cleaning the body and keeping it toxin-free.

Regulates the blood sugar and hormonal imbalance

If Himalayan pink salt is consumed on a regular basis, it can help in maintaining a proper flow of fluids in the body. The correct maintenance of minerals and hormonal balance in the body helps improve the level of insulin and prevent sudden blood sugar spikes. Therefore adding this salt in moderate amounts can prove to be beneficial to health.

Eases respiratory issues

Due to pollution, environmental changes, tobacco or alcohol consumption along with unhealthy eating habits, once can begin to develop respiratory problems at a young age. Salt Therapy, a renowned treatment can be helpful for treating respiratory diseases. This therapy includes the use of Himalayan pink salt in different forms. In some of the therapy sessions, the patient is required to use a salt inhaler, while in some cases, the patient is made to sit in a room full of air, filled with Himalayan pink salt. When a person inhales this salty air, the salt particles enter the respiratory system and the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of salt cleanse the lungs and sinus. This therapy is also commonly used for the treatment of seasonal allergies and chest congestions.

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Enhances the digestive system

The process of digestion begins right from when food enters the mouth. Himalayan Pink Salt can activate your salivary glands as the salt helps release amylase (an enzyme that helps digest carbohydrates). Hydrochloric acid, as well as other enzymes, are stimulated by this amylase that not only helps digest protein but also further aids in the breakdown of food.

To follow a healthy and natural diet, it is important to check the ingredients that are being used, and making sure that they are chemical-free, natural, and preservative-free. To avoid the intake of the chemicals and preservatives found in regular salt, opt for Himalayan Natives 100% Himalayan pink salt. Available in different grain sizes like granules or powder for convenient cooking, and it does not undergo any chemical processing. Enjoy the natural and authentic flavor along with its multiple health benefits.

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