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Tag: Pure Ghee

Ghee for Diabetes

How does Ghee help in Diabetes?

In the recent past, when it comes to cooking, ghee or clarified butter has been gaining a lot of popularity […]

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Easy to cook healthy recipes for everyday

Easy-to-Cook Healthy Recipes for Everyday Life

History of the Indian Cuisine The origin of Indian cooking dates back to about 5000 years. During these years, we […]

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Holi Special Recipes

Popular Recipes for Holi, the Festival of Food and Colours

Most of us celebrate Holi every year, but do we still remember its significance? Holi marks the arrival of spring […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Honey

All you need to know about Honey

Beekeeping and honey date back to almost 150 million years as deciphered from the fossils of honey bees. One of […]

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everything about ghee

Everything You Need To Know About Ghee

Ghee or clarified butter has been a part of the Indian cuisine since the time of the Vedas. Whether it […]

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28 Dishes from the 28 States made in Pure Ghee

The cultural diversity of our country exposes us to various kinds of traditions, lifestyles, and languages. The very same diversity […]

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Foods to keep you warm this winter!

Now that winter is here, everybody is talking about & finding out ways to keep themselves warm. While you gear […]

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Desi ghee evening snacks

5 Quick Healthy Evening Snack Recipes Made In Desi Ghee

Ghee is often considered as a healthier option to butter in the kitchen. Sweet or savoury- a spoonful of ghee […]

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Desi Ghee

Benefits of consuming Desi Ghee during pregnancy

Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold […]

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What’s Healthier- Cow Ghee or Butter?

Ghee and butter have similar properties; for starters, both contain fats and are essentially a dairy product. They can, to […]

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A2 Badri Cow Ghee and It’s benefits

What comes to your mind when you think of ghee? The delicious parathas, the mouth-watering gajar ka halwa or the […]

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Gir Cow Ghee and the Bilona Method

Ghee pre-dates the use of regular cooking oils since it holds a special place in Ayurvedic tradition. It has a […]

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Baking with Ghee

If you’re a person who bakes frequently, then you might have noticed that the quality of ingredients you use determines […]

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stay young with ghee

How does ghee help you stay young?

We all agree with the fact that ghee makes our dishes healthier and tasty, and it has been an intrinsic […]

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6 recipes using ghee for your baby

As parents, you are always in the pursuit of giving the best to your baby, and in this search, many […]

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foods to eat in summer

8 foods to keep you cool this summer

Summer is here and we all love summer vacations, but how often do we prepare for the hot weather with […]

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Ghee for a Ketogenic Diet

Ghee is a natural wonder. It can be used in place of oil and butter both. It is 99% fat […]

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The Benefits of Ghee in Growing Children

As a child, you would have been habituated to your mother being after you to eat healthy. When it came […]

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Benefits of CLA in Grass-Fed COW Ghee

What you eat today, will work for your health in rewarding ways tomorrow. The wide range of fats, nutrients, proteins […]

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How to detox using pure cow ghee

Our bodies are exposed to a barrage of toxins, day in and day out, and we probably do not even […]

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Why is Ghee a superfood?

Over the ages, our ancestors have always advocated that Ghee has benefits that affect both the physical and mental aspects […]

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Desi Ghee has been one of the most popular ingredients in Indian food for centuries. It’s Ayurvedic properties make it […]

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