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Desi Ghee has been one of the most popular ingredients in Indian food for centuries. It’s Ayurvedic properties make it a multifaceted healer, and treater of various ailments. As per Ayurveda, Desi Cow Ghee improves memory and intellect, and aids digestion. It also helps heal wounds, makes skin lustrous and increases immunity.

In recent times we have seen the resurrection of ghee. The myth that ghee is unhealthy and causes weight gain is slowly dying. Consumers want to  go back to their roots and make use of the benefits of all organic and ayurvedic products.

Apart from the fact that pure desi Ghee is downright delicious, here are 10 reasons why you should implement ghee in your daily diet if you haven’t already:

  • It’s Lactose Free

Ghee is prepared by heating butter to a point where the its water content completely evaporates, and the milk solids are separated from the fat. The milk solids are then filtered and removed, and you’re left with pure butterfat. This pure ghee oil is lactose free, which makes it safe for people who are lactose intolerant.

  • It Boosts Immunity

Ghee is a natural source for Butyric acid, which is a short-chain fatty acid that produces killer T cells that help in strengthening the body’s immune system. The presence of butyric acid also helps in the prevention of cell damage in the colon and intestines. It is seen to be a potential treatment for Irritable Bowel Disease.

  • Improves Digestion

Butyric acid in Ghee also nourishes intestinal cells, and can greatly help those with digestive issues by healing the gut lining.  Butyric acid helps reduce inflammation, stimulates acid secretion in the stomach to aid digestion, and does not slow down digestion like oils and butter do.

  • It is Anti-Cancerous

Ghee is naturally rich in CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), more so ghee that is produced from the milk of free-range and grass-fed cows. CLA in ghee helps fight cancer by increasing the effect of anti-tumor cells in the body.  CLA found in ghee helps in bringing down the inflammatory compounds which further help in the self-destruction of cancer cells.

  • Improves Eyesight

Consuming 100% natural, free-range and grass-fed cow ghee such as the Himalayan Natives A2 Badri Cow Ghee, daily, helps in improving your eyesight. Ghee is a natural source of vitamin A that helps in reducing the risk of macular degeneration and cataract development. In older days, people used natural ghee as eye drops as a preventive treatment for eyesight problems.

  • It helps you glow

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. Pure Ghee has natural properties that help moisturize and hydrate the skin. It also acts as an anti-ageing product along with reducing dark spots and pigmentations. It can be applied directly onto the skin, and is cherished for its external healing properties too like treating burns and inflammation.

  • Fights adrenal fatigue

Maintaining a balance of healthy fats is an integral part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Indian Ghee from free-range, grass-fed desi cows gets you a balanced source of saturated fats essential to combat adrenal fatigue. The adrenal gland in our body loves healthy fats and hates sugar and grains. Thus, the presence of good fat is necessary in our body to help us fight the adrenal fatigue.

  • Good for the heart

The fats in ghee are directly converted into energy by the body, and are not stored as fats, hence ghee is not associated with heart disease the way long chain fatty acids are. Infact, the presence of Vitamin K and  linoleic acid in ghee, along with its antioxidant properties help maintain heart health. Vitamin K in desi ghee prevents calcium deposits in arteries thus preventing blockages.

  • Makes bones strong

Eating ghee daily can help you get the required amounts of Vitamin K, which is essential for keeping bones healthy and strong. Vitamin K directly affects bone metabolism and increases the amount of protein required for maintaining the calcium in your bones. Apart from this, Vitamin K also helps with clotting of blood, brain functioning and heart health.

  • Aids weight loss

The Omega-6 fatty acid, CLA, in ghee, helps modify the body’s composition and reduces body fat, thereby helping you lose weight. Ghee also contains essential amino acids that cause fat cells to shrink in size.  Also, unlike oil that slows down the body’s digestion, ghee stimulates it, making it better. And, proper digestion is the essential for weight loss.

How much Ghee should you consume on a daily basis?

An average healthy adult should consume 2-3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of Ghee everyday, in order to get all its benefits. Some experts advice consuming a teaspoon of ghee first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is said to improve blood circulation and prevent arteries from thickening, as well as reduce free radicals in the body. Eating ghee everyday also helps the body better absorb nutrients from food, and its lubricating properties helps  prevent constipation.

Ways to include Ghee in your daily diet

Ghee has a high smoking point of 252 degrees celsius, which is higher than most oils. Smoking point is the temperature at which oil/fat begins to burn and releases toxins while losing all of its nutritive value. Since ghee has a higher smoking point, it can be used for cooking and even frying without worrying about it burning.

If you haven’t been using ghee much in your daily diet, here are a few simple ways you can include Ghee in your food everyday –

  1. Consume a spoonful of raw ghee in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Mix a tsp of ghee with milk and drink
  3. Spread ghee on your rotis or parathas
  4. Saute your vegetables in ghee
  5. Mix it in with rice or khichdi
  6. Temper dal with ghee instead of oil
  7. Roast bread or pav with ghee instead of butter
  8. Take a spoonful before going to bed to reduce body heat
  9. Use ghee instead of butter while baking
  10. Add ghee to soups instead of butter.

While you now know why you should be eating ghee, it is also important to know what kind of ghee you should be eating. Many brands sell ghee made from the milk of buffaloes or hybrid/foreign breed cows, some even laced with animal fat. These ghees do more harm than good, as they have a higher fat content, and may also contain traces of antibiotics and hormones.

Desi Ghee made from the milk of grass-fed Indian cows is ghee of the highest quality and purity. Also, ghee, like the Himalayan Natives Ghee, made using traditional methods, without any additives or preservatives, is what you should be looking to add to your pantry!

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