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About Himalayan Natives

We are an all natural food company committed to bring you 100% unadulterated, wholesome, and joyous food.

Our Story

Himalayan Natives was born out of our love for nature and passion for pure, unadulterated food.

The tranquil nature, the crystal clear rivers, and the impossibly fertile soil, all come together to make Himalayan Natives a paragon of purity. Our endeavor is to inspire and encourage everyone to live a soulful and healthy life by consuming food that is pure and untarnished by manual intervention, just as nature intended.

Bhupendra Khanal

Founder Bhupendra Khanal a.k.a ‘Bhupi’ as he is fondly called, hails from Nepal, home to the mighty Mt. Everest. He came to India to pursue engineering, and has since settled in the country. Although he started off his career as a hard core techie, going on to set up his own analytics company, his heart was always in the food industry.

Having grown up in the purest of environments, eating the healthiest of food, Bhupi has always been a passionate advocate of pure, wholesome food, untarnished by human intervention.

Himalayan Natives is the result of Bhupi’s love for the Himalayan region and his passion to bring forth its treasures in the most humane and sustainable way

A food connoisseur and doting pet parent, Bhupi hopes to change the face of the food industry, making natural, organic food, a way of life.